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Members of your '60@Fifty Reunion Committee recently got together at the home of Carol Russell Dabb and shared some of their "treasures' from school days and '60 Class functions since we graduated.  What we have so far are photos and memorabilia from high school all the way through our most recent reunion.  You can view the photos by following the Photo Gallery link on the left side of the screen.  In addition, we've scanned in some blasts from the past:  the last edition of the Crozier before our graduation and our Senior Prophecies!  It's a start.  And we want help from you. 

This page is meant to engage and inspire you to find the "treasures" you've saved, or were saved for you from so long ago.  Remember, you've got some writing to do, too, on your Profile page, telling everybody some of what's happened to you since high school.  For that reason, we've also included a copy of letters from classmates who couldn't attend our 45th reunion as examples of where to start.  We hope these items can help to get your creative juices flowing!  And if you have photos or other memorabilia that might further inspire your classmates, please send your favorite one digitally or by mail to John Heagerty at, or 1155 N. First St., Ste 201, San Jose, CA  95112-4925. 


To view pages of the June 8, 1960 Graduation issue of The Crozier, the '60 Class Senior Prophecies, the Letters from '60@Forty-five, or the graduation program, scroll down and click on the image below.  To turn pages, click on the arrows in the middle of the page along the right side of the screen, or in the tool bar at the top of the screen.  Click in the middle of the image to zoom in.  Move your cursor to read through the page.  Click on the 'x' to zoom out again.  To close the document, click on the 'x' at the top of the page you are viewing, or hit the Esc button.