Class Cruise Survey



In 2007 a small number of ’60 classmates went on a cruise to Alaska. It was a lot of fun.

During our 50th reunion weekend in September, many classmates said we should go on a cruise together again in the next year or two. To follow-up, your Reunion Committee would like to know how many classmates would consider a cruise in their travel plans for 2011-12. Similar to the 2007 cruise, ’60 classmates would be welcome to bring their families and friends us as well.

We hope to send everyone a proposed 1960 Class Cruise to consider early next year. In order to select the cruise that fits best for 2011-12, we need information first from you.

Results of this survey will be compiled and shared with everyone. 

Any questions? Please e.mail Carlo Vecchiarelli ‘60, Cruise Committee Chair, either via this Web site or directly at Carlo will be working closely with travel specialist Frank Maselli ’60 to make this a very memorable, fun trip.

Booking in advance will allow us to get the best prices available, and the best selection of cabins. Thanks for responding, if possible, within 30 days:

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1)   Have you taken a cruise before? When?

2)   Which cruise line(s) have you taken?

3)   Do you have a preferred cruise line?

4)   Which of the following destination(s) most appeals to you (more than one choice is OK)?

  Canada/New England
  Galapagos Is.
  Panama Canal
  South Seas
5)   Would you be interested in a land tour in conjunction with your cruise?

Yes No
6)   When would you prefer to travel (multiple choices OK)?

  Spring 2011
  Fall 2011
  Spring 2012
  Fall 2012
7)   Length of trip?

  Less than 7 days
  7-10 days
  11-14 days
8)   Type of cabin preferred?

  inside (no window)
9)   Cabin occupancy:

  1 person
  2 people
  3 people
  4 people