Sailor Photo Gallery

Feel free to send in grade school class photos, some favorites from our high school years, as well as cherished momentos (it would be appreciated if you take momento photos using a white background).  Once gallery capacity has been reached, it will be updated periodically to include new submissions, so check back often!

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OHS Jr. High Graduation
5 Photos  7/13/19
Grade School Class Photos
8 Photos  8/29/13
High School Days
11 Photos  2/27/13
14 Photos  10/9/12
10 Photos  10/9/12
Bye Bye Birdie
11 Photos  10/11/12
Sportnight '63
2 Photos  12/29/12
Then and Now
10 Photos  7/1/16
OHS Pets!
12 Photos  4/12/18