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07/21/16 11:16 AM #175    


Charles Quattrocchi

Margot-Steve was a terrific guy and great fraternity brother. Please accept my condolences for your loss.


07/21/16 01:07 PM #176    


Judd Hulbert

Margot, I'm so sorry to hear about Steve's passing. May God always hold him in the palm of his hand

07/22/16 08:43 PM #177    

Elizabeth Hinck (Hitzler)


So sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Liz Hinck Hitzler

07/23/16 09:33 AM #178    


Margot Danziger (Brozost)

We are humbled by the outpouring of love and kind notes. Thank you

07/23/16 01:01 PM #179    


Joanne Novick (Steckler)


I was so saddened to read the news of the loss of Michael's brother. Please convey my sympathy to Michael and the rest of your family.




07/24/16 11:21 AM #180    

Allida Stauber

Sending you heartfelt condolences, Margot, at this sad time for you and your family.....after so many years, after all this time - Allida

07/24/16 09:04 PM #181    


Sandi Block (Genek)

Dear Margot and Micheal,

our sincere condolences for your loss, may loving memories comfort you in this time of sadness.

Sandi and Gordon

08/08/16 09:32 AM #182    


Margot Danziger (Brozost)

Again I want to thank everyone for your kind words about Michael's brother Steve. Each and every note was comforting and very much appreciated.❣

02/17/17 04:36 AM #183    


Web Admin Terry Kaylin (Smith)

02/17/17 02:36 PM #184    

James Schwab

  Quite a dapper fellow, he was my english teacher and a good one. However, the thing I remember most is that during te Cuban Missile Crisis he wheeled a televesion into our classroom so we could hear President Kennedy and witness history unfolding. As english lessons were briefly put on hold he had his piorities straight.Terry's enlightening obit sheds light on a diverse life outside the classroom. The one thing I might add is disappointment that he never favored us with a song. Thanks for the very nice memory. Best, Jim,

02/18/17 12:57 PM #185    


Bruce Canonico

My memories of Mr Oppizzi are not from OHS as I never had him as a teacher there.  Where I did encounter his unique style was 6th grade at Oak School #3.  My favorite memory was Friday afternoons where he would have us put our desks in a circle facing each other.  On occasion he even supplied pizza.  And to agree with Jim, too bad I never heard or sang with him.  Or even knew he sang.  More's the pity.  

02/18/17 04:58 PM #186    


Web Admin Terry Kaylin (Smith)

I had Mr. Oppizzi for English, and I feel so grateful that Donna Kusnitz Clott (she had him for 6th grade) and I got to spend an afternoon with him in Sea Cliff on the Island. While we were in the early stages of planning for our Fiftieth Reunion and were going through the yearbook. we both stopped on his page and squealed..."Mr. Oppizzi...I had such a crush on him!". Well, I'm sure that we were among the MANY who had a crush on him, but in addition, we had such great memories of him as a wonderful teacher who had a great impact on our lives. 

Anyway, you have to understand that this was all happening very late at night while drinking wine (you get the picture). Of course we Googled him, and sure enough, found out that after retiring from teaching, he and his wife Carolyn had moved to the Island from Greenwich Village. We discovered that he was a marathon runner, still competing into his early 80's. We dug a little deeper, and found out that he had owned a bookstore in Sea Cliff, which unfortunately suffered the fate of countless local bookstores of being driven out of business by the big chains. Finding his phone number was easy, so we decided that we would call him in the morning. Long story a little shorter...we ended up talking with him and setting up a time to meet for lunch the next day. We drove out to the Island and met up at the local Sea Cliff Bistro. We brought along a little photo album we had quickly put together for him, filled with old photos and remembrances. We got there early, and were unbelievably excited and nervous! We watched as a very good looking elder gentleman with snow white hair came bounding into the restaurant. It was a very emotional and happy reunion, with tears all around. We told him how much he had influenced our love of literature and learning, and he was beyond touched. Believe it or not, it turned out that no one else had ever sought him out, which we found incredible. After a lovely lunch, which included a bottle of wine that he brought, he invited us to walk with him to his house. We followed along, not realizing that his idea of a walk included climbing up a substantial hill to get there! Needless to say, he was waiting for us at the top...LOL!  We were very happy to get to meet his lovely wife, who arrived back from a trip to Boston just before we had to leave.

So...it was a very special afternoon with a very special man who had remained involved and active, so it was with great sadness to learn that Alzheimer's had claimed him. 

Donna and I are both looking for the photo that taken that day, so hopefully it will be found and will be posted.

Goodbye Charlie!

08/31/18 11:08 AM #187    


Douglas McNamee

Update: Coach Roy Chernock passed away Tuesday, September 4, 2018.


Coach Roy Chernock,

I visited with Coach Chernock on 8/22/18 in West Palm Beach.  Coach "C" (90 years young) was in a rehab facility for a broken hip.  I found Coach to be alert and we had a great conversation.  He talked about his teams at OHS and remembered everyone's names and the times they ran (amazing). He even told a story about the Penn Relays when we almost had a botched baton exchange and still won a medal!

A week later he was transferred to St. Mary's hospital with pneumonia and peripheral vascular disease.  Don Castronovo went to see him and there was a dramatic change.  He recognized Don, but he was very confused.  The nurse indicated he was failing. 

Coach "C" was/is still affectionally referred to as "Nock" by his athletes.  He had 103 consecutive dual meet victories before his first loss in 1963.  He later went on to coach at CW Post, Baruch, Princeton and William & Mary before "retiring" to Florida where he continued to coach high school athletes well into his 80's. I was one of many athletes that he influenced.  He was the one that pushed me to go to college (thank goodness).  I have maintained contact with him over the years and I call him my "Godfather" because he changed my life.  I was fortunate enough to have this visit and I told him he was still my Godfather and he replied "I know I am Mac." Please keep him in your prayers and he is a prince among men.

09/01/18 08:22 AM #188    


Margot Danziger (Brozost)

Doug,,Thank you so much for sharing this about Coach Chernock.  It is so nice to be able to "thank" someone who influenced you, help alter your life's direction...for the better  and then to be with  Coach chernock near "his end". You both blessed each other in times of need! We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Next time you come "east" do call as we live nearby in North Palm Beach. 

Stay strong,be well and again we appreciate your kind words about Coach.

Best always, Margot and  Michael




12/17/20 11:44 AM #189    


Karen Rahmer (Spiotta)

Happy Holidays to everyone.smiley

09/05/21 02:47 PM #190    


Karen Rahmer (Spiotta)

Have a safe Labor Day


01/10/22 06:48 PM #191    


Robert Ihrig

so sorry to hear of the passings of john koehler and frank beaulieu.....i was a teammate of both on the wrestling and lacrosse teams......both were great people and wonderful teammates.....my condolences to the two families.

01/10/22 07:17 PM #192    


James Bradley

Proud to have known bot h John and Frank as friends and teammates. Will always have the memories of both.

We  will miss them.

01/12/23 08:02 PM #193    

Michael Dantona

Happy New Year to all.  In my wandering of the internet I discovered that Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company is a graduate of OHS, Class of 1969.  He attended Ithaca College.

Mike Dantona

03/12/23 10:48 AM #194    


Judy Winkler (Adler)

I just wanted to say that the pictures from the reuion were fabulous.  I wish I could have been there to see everyone  Hard to believe 60 years.  It seems like yesterday when we had the 50th here in NY.  Love to all of you that were there.  And Terry thats for a great job with the OHS website

03/13/23 12:53 PM #195    


Web Admin Terry Kaylin (Smith)

Hi Judy,

So sorry you weren't able to make it to the 60th. You can see by all the smiling faces how much fun we had!

Thanks for your kind words. I can't believe I started our website 11 years ago. I never could have imagined it would still be chugging on. It's still a labor of love, although I have slowed down with updates the past few years.

I hope all is well in your world. Stay healthy and happy,


05/10/23 02:10 PM #196    


Karen Rahmer (Spiotta)

Happy MOM"s day everyone


06/18/23 02:13 PM #197    


Douglas McNamee

I recently saw something online about Dee Snider, lead singer of Twisted Sister. While I do not know his music  I became interested when he mentioned he was from Baldwin and he was promoting his new novel entitled FRATS. This is a fictional story about a young man at Baldwin high school in 1972-1973 and how the fraternities were so prominent in Long Island high schools. It is centered in Baldwin-Oceanside and does not present the fraternities in a positive light. If you recall this was about the time the Nassau County PD banned all high school fraternities after a huge fight at Nunley's.

While my fraternity experience in AOT was more positve than his, Dee's descriptions of dogging and Hell Week were fairly accurate. He refers to his story as "fictional" with historically accurate events. It was worth reading online at $9.99.

Doug McNamee 

06/20/23 07:39 AM #198    


Bruce Canonico


Dee Snider is an avid Harley Davidson rider and active in several philanthropic causes.  For a number of years prior to the Pandemic, he hosted benifit 'rides' starting in Lido Beach and looping around the water tower at Robert Moses Park and back.  As few as several hundred to over a thousand motorcycles would meet by the 'mushrooms' in Lido Beach.  I attended several years, usually around mid September to early October and have a few pictures of myself standing with Dee (see below from 2017).  It is always heartening to see those that have made a name for themselves, giving of themselves.

06/21/23 10:58 AM #199    

Judith Maurus (Phillips)

Yeah . . . I rode in several of his events. Always had hundreds and hundreds of bikes.  I was never into his music much but always admired the energy that he put into this passion of his, and it was always a great ride!

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