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Joanne Gilmore

Joanne Gilmore

Joanne lived in Los Angeles, CA

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01/26/13 06:31 PM #1    

Roger Bennett

I'm shocked! I remember that Joanne lived not too far from my family on Rockaway Ave in Oceanside. Used to see her frequently, and remember that she was animated, full of bounce, and bubbling with enthusiasm. As with SO many living and deceased... I wish that I'd known you better. So very sad. Oh to be able to go back and do it all again!


06/24/13 01:41 PM #2    

Bob Lewis

Joanne's family lived directly behind our home, when we were in elementary school we were all a lot closer.  All fond memories.

06/25/13 11:03 AM #3    

Bruce Gilbert

If memory serves, Joanne passed decades ago, sad to say. I was very close with her uncle Herb amd ultimately found out she had passed through him..She was terrific..

06/25/13 12:59 PM #4    

Diane Johnson (Schaffer)

Diane Johnson Schaffer   I still remember that very very sad time quite a bit ago of finding Joanne has passed.  What an energized young women whose laugh was so catching and her gestures also so catching.  Her head would tilt and her hands would fly out and her voice would have volumns.  Will never understand life and our various participations!  

06/25/13 02:16 PM #5    

Joan Fishman (Hecht)

Joanne and I were very good friends.  For years, we took piano lessons from the same teacher.  Needless to say, she played much better than I.  She was a true pianist.  I spent a great deal of time at her house and with her family.  What a lovely family!  And Joanne was a lovely young woman.  It is my recollection that we remained in touch even a few years into college.  When I heard of Joanne's death, many years ago, my heart was heavy.  I enjoyed the friendship I had with Joanne.

08/10/13 01:01 PM #6    

Rose Marie Guariglia (Crouse)

Yes, Joanne was BIGGER THAN LIFE!  She reached out to all with her huge spirit and that is how she found me too!  Joanne was artistically and personally so gifted, and I have to thank her for  friendship and enthusiasm and insisting that I audition for the Juilliard Preparatory School.  She and her mom took me one saturday to see what it was all about because  Joanne was already enrolled.  Thus began my first steps in the direction of my dream.  I know that God works  in us through His people, and Joanne was instrumental in my life.  I am blessed to have had her in my life, and will carry her Always, with gratitude and smiles,  in my heart!

03/05/16 08:44 PM #7    

Arnold Levine



 As I think no of how vibrant and alive we all were, it saddens me to think of Joanne's passions. She was such a bright light -- Arnie Levine



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