In Memory

Andrea Fallon (Gatti)

Andrea Fallon (Gatti)


Andrea Fallon Gatti

Memorial Service

Thursday, June 6 at 12:30 p.m.

Holy Rood Cemetery Chapel ~ Westbury, NY 



Very, very sad to report that I have just learned that Andrea passed away last weekend. I had a wonderful conversation with her a couple of months ago, and she was so looking forward to coming to the reunion and reconnecting with old friends. 

Information about the funeral or memorial service will be posted as soon as I receive it from her friend.

So far no one in her family has been located, so if you remember any names of relatives, please let me know immediately. Andrea was divorced a long time ago and didn't have any children, so with no family members surfacing, a court ordered administrator has been put in charge.

With a heavy heart,

Terry (Kaylin) Smith



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06/08/13 12:53 PM #3    

Judd Hulbert

Thanks for your comments, Margot. I remember Andrea from high school but I really haven't seen her since we graduated. Very sad that she is no longer with us...

06/08/13 06:18 PM #4    

Chip Hawkins (OHS '61)

Extremely sad that a classmate, set to join in the festivities of such a great reunion, has passed away. We had one such classmate, Bill Nakos, that had paid for his ticket and died in the meantime.
Rest in peace all classmates who appear in your Memorial page, a special prayer for Andrea Fallon Gatti, who passed without the closeness of family.

06/09/13 10:37 AM #5    

Ken Burkhardt

Terry and Margot thanks for your comments. I remember Andrea well as a  low key and super nice person. I had the  pleasure of meeting her great parents. It wasn't hard to see where Andrea's personality came from. It's a losss for us all that she won't be at the reunion.

06/10/13 05:19 PM #6    

Roger Bennett

I'm one of those who also didn't know Andrea... and that's a shame. She and I apparently crossed paths with our activities, and I sense from her pleasant smile that she was a nice person. Death is always a sad thing and great dissapointment for those that are left. With each passing, the world becomes a poorer place. One day each of us will also be posted on the OHS list of departed, having had our "time in the sun". Truly sobering to contemplate.. but such is the way that life has always been.

06/14/13 10:55 PM #7    

Peggy LaTour (Baldwin)

Yes, I do remember Andy.  We were campers together at Camp DeBaun and we kept in touch until I moved from NY (1972).

My brother was visiiting this week and we were looking through old photos. 

I have a good one of Andy (1966) dressed as a beatnik, and a great one of her at our engagement party (1967).

May she rest in peace.

06/15/13 02:25 PM #8    

Phylis Reidel (Henson)

I remember Andy Fallon very well.  She was a great girl--very friendly.  She certainly is one of the people I was looking forward to seeing again at the reunion.  Even at our age, it seems that she was too young to pass away so suddenly.  Her death reminds all of us that our time on earth is precious.

06/15/13 07:45 PM #9    

Bob Lewis

I rember Andrea, it is very hard to realize that not everyone can enjoy an a full life in their 60s.  There are so many classmates that have passed away, so sad. Looking foward to seeing everyone.  

06/16/13 04:04 PM #10    

Andrea Frankenberg (Weissleder)

Andrea Fallon was a lovely gentle soul. I was looking forward to seeing and reconnecting with her at the reunion.

I hope that whatever took her, did not make her suffer.

06/19/13 02:43 PM #11    

Joan Fishman (Hecht)

I remember Andrea very I well.  We were in many  classes together and were friends.  It is sad that she died so close to the reunion.  It is my belief, she would have enjoyed reconnecting with friends from her past.

With fond memories,


06/19/13 02:51 PM #12    

Bruce Canonico

I have been following the comments and Andrea, whether or not she realized it, was loved and respected by quite a few of her peers.  I only knew her through the couple of plays that we were both in.  I remember her as a smile and a willing personality and someone who was loyal and giving.  I regret not knowing her better.

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