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New Facebook Connectivity - Class Connection

I have great news as of 3/19/2014 (as was noticed in correction email sent 3-20-2014 to all members) for our classmates on Facebook!  You can now do all of the things you can do on our class website from inside Facebook via a NEW "free" App called Class Connection, and you'll find it's very simple to join and use. Three easy steps to following are below, although, I must stress (for now) "you can only JOIN Class Connection through ONE class", (which should be the school and year you graduated), Western Heights Oklahoma City -  Class of 1982.  After joining you have the ability to visit other classes via Class Connection.  Follow these 3 quick steps to get connected:  

  1. If you are seeing this, you are already logged on to our class web site at http://www.whjets1982.com.  So all you need to do is follow steps 2 and 3 below.  If you are seeing this from our Facebook App Class Connection, you are already done and there.
  2. Click the "Class Connection" link under Member Functions.
  3. On the Class Connection Join Screen click the blue "Join Class" button and accept the app permissions.

That's it - you're Facebook connected via... 

Why are we doing this?  Many of you have asked about connecting to this Website through Facebook.  And now you can.  Connection to this Website through your Facebook account via the Class Connection App is an "Additional and Optional" way of connecting with our Classmates on our Website.  If you don't want to use Facebook, then by all means don't as stated the Class Connection app is Optional.  Just keep on logging in the way you always have, via our website address: www.whjets1982.com  without fear of any privacy being compromised.   As your website administrator, I (Marla)  have always opted to ensure our website and all the pages and classmate profiles information remains locked down and private, and is only accessible to the members of the website.

There are some exciting new features available here such as the ability to send your Notify Me notices to the Facebook notification globe. You can use the Easy Invite tool to help us find missing classmates and invite them to join our class. Class Connection also provides a Visit Another Class feature that allows you to browse around other classes.

Here's a few important things you should know:

  • Everything you do on Class Connection is mirrored on our class web site. Everything you do on our class web site is mirrored on Class Connection. Meaning, they work as one. Class Connection is just a convenient method of participating with our class from the Facebook environment.
  • Class Connection is 100% as private and secure as our class web site. Will connecting to our High School website on Facebook be Secure?  Absolutely!  It runs through an application within Facebook, and cannot be accessed by anyone other than your classmates.  No personal/private data whatsoever is shared with Facebook.  The Class Connection developers made an overview video about the topic of privacy here: https://www.youtube.com/_eHf7tWS8sE
  • Your Profile privacy settings are honored on Class Connection. Only the people who you have already permitted to view your Profile are the same people who can view your Profile using Class Connection. Click Edit Profile if you wish to review your privacy settings.

IMPORTANT - before joining Class Connection:   As stated earlier, the Class Connection App can (for now) ONLY connect to ONE Class website.  So please ONLY join the App to your primary Class Year (Western Heights Class of 1982).  Classmates for years other than 1982 should not join the Class of 1982 website via CLASS CONNECTION for now, but should go to their own respective class website (such as '78, '79, '80 or '81) to join Class Connection App.  Soon the Class Connection application will be enhanced to allow joining/connectiing with more than ONE Class Website for those of you that are guest members on other class websites.

Problem Joining?  As of 3/21/2014, we're aware of some intermittent issues being reported with some members trying to join the Class Connection App, and the developers (Class Creator) have put in some fixes. They have also put in some tracking to better determine why this happens to some (a small portion fortunately, but any portion is too many of course).  If simply trying again does not work, then go into cookies and set cookie blocking to none. Particuarly, make sure "third party cookie blocking" is NOT enabled in your browser. Then classmate should be able to join. This happens most frequently with Safari, next most frequently with Chrome, next most frequently with Firefox, and it seems to never happen in Internet Explorer. Each time it's related to cookies though. We should have more info on this shortly.  FYI new mobile interface should be showing on iPhone this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the new app Class Connection, and it's alternate optional means of access to our class website!