Not Joined- Missing Classmates

   HELLO & Welcome!  Glad you are here! 
The list below contains everyone that has not yet joined our free class website.  If that is you... find your name in the list, click on it and you will be guided to create your profile with password. 
If you are already a member, please take time to review the list and help direct them to this, our class website at and if you know the email address of someone on the list, just click their name and you can then choose to send them an email directly from this site to invite them to JOIN US, here on our official 'free' website.   Thank YOU! 

Stephen Adams
Jeff Alexander
Ricky Alexander
Gary Anderson
Jim Archambeau
Chris Aultman
Gina Bayliss
Paul Bishop
Pam Bohn
Lev Borodovsky
Brandon Boswell
Collie Branch
Ronald Brown
Billie Cantrell (Daniell)
Lisa Cantrell
Hang Bum (Samuel) Chun
David Cissell
Kelly Clark
Laurie Copeland (Cassel)
Tony Cruz
Tuan N. Dang
Scott Davis
Richard Downing
Loan T. K. Duong
Jerry Edson
Karen Elders
Craig Ferguson
Diana Garrelts (Cormack)
Debbie Gebhardt
Katherine "Kathi" Guillebeau
Lenora Haggard
Lisa Hall
Penny Hanneman (Swonger)
Warren Hanson
Chad Harbin
Rhonda Harbison
Kim Hart (Burris)
Sheryl Hill (Humphrey)
Gina Hines (Moore)
Joetta Hobbs
Cabot Hodgson
Andria Horton
Angela Hutton (Loucks)
Johnson John
Kim Johns
Eric Johnson
Ellis Jones
Todd Joslin
Shellie Kays
Mitch Kerlick
Charles Kim
Georgia Kirkland (Clompts)
John Kirkland
Nikki Labbait (Schramm)
Ronnie Laxson (Herndon)
Keller Lee
Charles Lewis
David Long
Mark Mahsetky
Sharon Mann (Brady)
Cindy Maxwell
Morgan Mays
Patrick McCartney
Jeff McCarty
Alan McElhaney
Martin Moody
Norma Murphy
Kirk Nelson
Lisa Newman (Scrivner)
Judy Null (Isbill)
Michelle Owens
Darla Parker (Cowen)
Ronald Phoenix
Michael Pollack
Clarence Powers
Stephanie Radford (Walle)
Bobby Redus
Nita Reece
Arnold Wayne Reeves
Wendy Riddle
Rhonda Robbins
Rhonda Scholle (Strain)
Ron Shepperd
Denise Smith (Griffin)
Debbie Southard
Kimberly Staley
Walter Strickland
Shari Taylor
Debra Thomas
Mary Thomas
Richard Thompson
Robin Thompson
Joanna Throckmorton (Skogman)
Tona Tibbet (Phillips)
Dung Tran
Beth Trent (Taylor)
Carrie Tucker
Ky VanLe
Howard Vanover
Ricky West
Elwin Williams
Deborah Williamson
Jeff Witcher
Daria Wiyninger (Crane)
Robby Wroten

Guest Members

Tina Barnhill (Sarten)
Rhonda Carlton (Torbett)
Nicky Smith