Freddie Brooks

Profile Updated: July 27, 2017
Spouse/Partner: Rebecca
Occupation: Heavy Truck Driver/Student
Children: Joseph(43)marrried to Monica- 2 kidsTaliah(19) and Gabriel(13)
Darshann (Sissy)-Deceased (2014)- More…3 kids Nathaniel(21-oldest gkid), Isaiah(18) musically inclined, Katrina(13) like the hurricane a whirlwind and yet so loveable.
Tabitha(39) Bec's oldest- 2 kids Terrence(TJ) 19-very quick and polite Bec's favorite she had all girls and he was her first gkid. His Sister Octavia 16- She's just Miss inquisitive. A lot of fun
Deanne 38- Single 2 children Saniyah(7); Charlotte Victoria (3)
Jamie D.36- Married two boys Shawn the genius is 16, and Xavier (12)
Temeka 36- My youngest
Latausha 33- One lovely heart stealing lil girl Aniah 16.
Military Service: US Army Retired  

Karen way to go on the website. My Admin savvy wife is in total envy and wants to know how she can get a similar one for her class ('75). As usual class of '74 sets the pace lol. This has been a God send for me. I am still very involved with the military. As a gov't contractor for KBR(formerly Kellog Brown and Root). Let me back track and fill in the last 35 years since I left Old Saybrook. Joined the Army August 1974. Became a Medic and after Basic training in Fort Lost in the Woods Misery(Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri) I went to Ft. Sam Houston Texas to train as a medic. Greatest post in the Army's arsenal. Was blessed to marry my children's mom for twenty three years, but we divorced in 1998. Our first duty assignment was heaven Ft. Ord, Ca. for 3 years we traveled the California coast when I had time off with the family to Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, and Carmel, Ca. A lot of rich history along that coastline. became actively involved with All Army Track team in 1978-1988(Go figure right?). Landed on the Army's team as a Triple jumper. But I digress. After Fort Ord I was sent to Korea for one year (1977-1978). That my dear friends was pure torture. The Army must have felt guilty because they parked me right next door to CT at Ft Devins, Ma. upon my return from Korea. I think I got to see Bobby Bowker in the early 80's while visiting OS one weekend. Has anyone heard from him? Spent two years at Devins (1979-1981), and then flew to Germany for three years (1981-1984). I spent my time in the woods and forests of Germany's plush countryside fighting the rain snow and ice on a daily basis lol. The only good things I was able to enjoy were my family and the chance to train with Hagar Schmidt's track club he's 1976 Olympic silver medalist at 400m intermediate hurdles. From there I transferred to Fort Polk, Louisiana from 1984-1991. The turbulence was at it's peak there in my first marriage, and it was during those days that I sought my faith in earnest. That is my place of solace. Anyway, just when you think it can't possibly get any worse assignmentwise you receive orders for a second tour to Korea unaccompanied. Yep! I cried!. Nail in the coffin time for the marriage even though we hung in there for 6 more years. Korea 1991-1992. Don't need to say much there just did my time.
The next and last assignment landed me in the Great State of Texas 1992-1996. from there I was a fish out of water without the green suit to dress up in after 22 years 11 days but who's counting. It was in July1999 when Rebecca finally reeled me in (10 years coming up quick). what a breath of fresh air. We've been together since. We have a combined 8 children 4 and 4. Kim her stepdaughter is (34) married expecting and in Philly,Pa. So as of today our quiver is over flowing with 11 grands and one on the way. Hope this website gets nominated for best original and user friendly site for the reunion conscious of today.
LY all God bless

School Story:

I call them the Dennis Hesky years. I got into more trouble my senior year in Mrs. Schlosser's Drama class due to mine and Dennis' antics. Paul King and Cliff Rhodes we weren't even close. We were failing in the Drama class and would not get a passing grade without getting an 'A' for the final project she assigned. Dennis made her even more mad at us in class, and our project was not ready when due. Sooo instead of being able to perform in class for our project for our make up project Mrs. Schlosser made us perform "Impromptu" at an assembly for the entire school. No pressure at all right? Well We nailed it with lip synching 'Smoking in the Boys room, and Schools Out for The Summer.' Thank God Mrs. Schlosser enjoyed it, and we got the A we needed to pass her course.

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So this is 60!!!
Last in the class to get here but I made it!!! Feels as good as 17!!!

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