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Residing In: Chester, CT USA
Spouse/Partner: Kioki My 100 lb chocolate lab
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Occupation: I work for the State of confusion!
Children: My son Evan is 25 and my daughter Kira is 20. My dog Kioki is 9. My son will be having my first grandchild More…in July. I'm excited but soo not about being called the "G" word. Going to have to think of something else my grandson can call me! LOL
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I have been getting email after email about where am I and how come I'm not on this site. Simply because I couldn;t figure out how to get on the site! I hate frigin computers and didnt even have internet until 4months ago! I hate to sit still this long to fill this out, I'd much rather see you all in person instead of via COMPUTERS! That personal touch is missing and besides I can say stuff over the computer I probably would never say to someones face! Gets me in trouble! Guess theres no need to say I dont have an IT job with IBM! What have I done since 1974? You gotta be kidding me with only 8000 characters? Thats a lifetime! Boy I would love to be saying I have suceeded in so many things but thats not true. I have 2 failed marriages and in this economy $ is always a issue but Im not going to sit here and bore you all with that. What I, as I think most all of us have been doing is always searching to find peace and contentment within our own lives, to strive to do our best no matter what we do. Parenting, caring for an elderly parent, being a friend, finding that elusive butterfly ( I know you all had that poster) I've lost 3 friends this year and each and everyday I stuggle not to sweat the small stuff, not get caught up in complaining, worrying,assuming. Instead I try (and fail) to be appreciative, thankful, and grateful. Reason why I would rather see you all than be on the side lines with this computer. My mom is now 91 yrs old and God Bless her , she is still driving and there isnt a day that goes by that we dont talk or go to lunch. She is my best friend and remember this was the woman chasing me out to Carol Sopers car, screaming at me because I was braless! Remember when that was the most rebelious thing a high school girl could do? She is remarkable all 83lbs of her! I am so blessed to have her in my life for this long. Lets see, my children have always been and always will remain my passion, inspiration and true source of happiness. My son has been what one might say a nitemare! In my focus to remain possitive I will refer to his teens and until recently ,he has been a JOURNEY! (to Hell and back LOL) I am very proud of him. He has worked hard on himself and has for today been clean and sober for over 4 months! My daughter Kira is a beautiful, happy, compasionate women who is persueing a career in social work at ECSU! And with her vivacious energy there is no doubt in my mind she will go places. She called me to tell me she had a meeting with "father what a shame" and went on to explain that the priest was really hot, what a shame! Gotta love her. I never made new paragraphs while I've been writing I noticed Mrs Strain would not be pleased with me. Which reminds me I went into Pats Country Kitchen to deliver cakes I bake for them and I see across the room 4 women waving at me......I can"t see worth (s...t) anymore so I walk over to the table! Theres Miss Radcliff ,Mrs Splain ,Miss Mcabe and a lady from the office and I can;t remember (s...t) anymore either but I sat and chatted with all of them and it was so fun! They still look exactly the same, I swear to God! Karen Ratano I thought you said this only takes a few minutes to do? I now have been here for 3 hours and Im afraid if I dont finish it will delete everything I wrote and I have to go to work plus I'm going crazy sitting this long! Gail HELP! Im in too deep I cant get out. I wish you all my fellow classmates health,happiness and enough money to come to our next reuion, you may have to take a collection for me to attend if the restaurant industry doesnt get any better? LOL Love ya, miss ya Cindy

School Story:

Oh come on theres more stuff to fill out! My school story? How about the time I wet my pants laughing so hard when Carol Soper was running down the newly polished hallway past Mrs Strain and she tripped and slide all the way to the staircase. Had to be there looking at Mrs Strains reaction!! How about all the times Danny Sherman would go in the boys room for a legimate reason and someone would throw a firecracker in and sure enough he'd be susspended for it! But he was the one throwing the books out the window after poor Mr Asensio just got thru passing them out, Danny got caught tho because Mr Asensios class was up above the Principles office whoops! I'll write more later when I have time!

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Posted: Mar 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
hanging out at Carol Soper pool!