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 Classmates and Honored Guests  

WHS Class of 1958

This is an update to previous information regarding The WHS Class of 58 – 60th Reunion. Times and locations are shown on the website and below.


Classmates and Honored Guests 

Schoolmates from the Classes of ’59’ & '60' are specifically invited as they have been in the past.

Any WHS Alum/Faculty is invited, as well as their guests.


Friday,                       September 14, 2018 – 7PM

Location:                     Omaha Marriot at Regency

                                    10220 Regency Circle

                                    Omaha, NE 68114



Saturday,                 September 15, 2018 – 5PM

Location:                   Regency Lake & Tennis Club

                                  606 Regency Parkway

                                  Omaha, NE 68114



Sunday,                    September 16, 2018 - 10AM Brunch

Location:                   Omaha Marriot at Regency

                                  10220 Regency Circle

                                  Omaha, NE 68114



Cost per person is estimated at $30 for Friday and $50 for Saturday. Cash bar is available Friday night. Bar is included Saturday night. For those staying at the Marriot, the brunch on Sunday is included in your room rate. For others $16/ea.





Miscellaneous Classmate Count to Date:


Class Size:     One Hundred Forty-Three

Website:       Fifty registered  (available to all classmates and guests).

Deceased:     Forty-Seven

Missing:         Sixteen

 (These names/numbers are from the website and subject to  change.)

Based on information to date we are expecting more than seventy attendees. We have room for more. Hope to see everybody September 14th and 15th.

If you haven’t already done so, please forward your checks in the amounts above, per attendee to:

Susan Lindstrom

Tuscany Apts  #304

6815 Giles Rd

Papillion, NE 68133

These checks should be received by August 24, 2018.


Susie Hapner (Lindstrom), Chairman

WHS Class of '58' - 60th Reunion Chairman

Further information for "said" events will be forwarded in future updates.

Please use this opportunity to contact classmates and share the event.

Thank you,

Susie Hapner (Lindstrom), Chairman

WHS Class of '58' - 60th Reunion


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Welcome to the Westside class of 1958's website!  This is where you'll find and reconnect with your high school classmates.  Long before we knew anything, were anything, or acomplished anything the rest of the world would acknowlege or appreciate, these people accepted us as we were.

They were there before we got these scars, before life broke our hearts, before we misjudged people.  They were there before we bought homes, had children, got fired, changed careers, switched cities, started businesses, overcame health problems, lost parents, or lost our faith and found it again.  We've chosen to come together again, after all these years, not to show off, but to show each other what we once meant to one another - and still do.

And 60 years later, through the wrinkles, extra pounds, thinning hair and gray whiskers, we know they'll recognize us, look into or eyes, cup the back of our neck, give us a hug, and welcome us home.





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