Cathy (Kate) Schwettman Sorensen

Profile Updated: January 29, 2015
Residing In: Flagstaff, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Mark Sorensen
Occupation: Non-profit Administrator? Many hats!
Children: Gabriel, born 1979
Jessica, born 1981
Miles, born 1992
Yes! Attending Reunion

I've steered my life by literally following my dreams and trying to be of service in this world. Bounced around the world, lived in 11 states before landing in Northern Arizona. I've been on or near Navajo reservation most of my adult life, still married to a great guy I met on my first day on the rez (6/2/78).

My life is balanced-- more or less!-- between being a pillar of the community and living as a free spirit pushing the limits. Through the years my interest in physics, consciousness, and human potential has led me through some weird and wild explorations. Here are a few:
*Las Vegas gambling-- as a spiritual path and study of intention, and to fund a school for kids
*Burning Man-- Psychedelic emergency services, various projects
*Ayahuasca in the Amazon-- if you like bugs and vomiting-- and real magic-- don't miss this!
*Native American ceremonies-- blessed to be invited to Navajo, Hopi, and Lakota ceremonies.

I've worked with kids in schools through the years and started a solar powered Navajo charter school ( with my husband here in 2001. Through the '90's I did *really* effective trauma therapy, trained therapists, organized conferences (International Energy Psychology Conference, etc.), and ran professional organizations. I was the director of the Native American Trauma Project, which may become active again now that the STAR School is established.

Along with working for the school, hosting events at the Gateway Ranch (our home since 1990), and being the mom of a son born in 1992, this year I'm finally finishing up my PhD program. Title of the dissertation is "Trauma as a Path to Enlightenment".

School Story:

I don't recall many stories from Fremd-- at least not ones that I'd want to share on the Internet. I was painfully shy-- if I rarely talked to you in high school, well that's pretty much the way I was with everyone except Carlye. The only time a boy asked me to dance, I blurted out "Gotta go-- my mother's waiting!" and ran for the door. I spent my time studying math and science, painting, reading, gardening in the summer, and taking long walks to get out in nature, away from my family.

During the summer of '70 I became the High Priestess of the Nightcrawlers of America, but that's one of those things that I have enough sense not to talk about here :-) What if I want to run for public office someday?

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