In Memory

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By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Lorraine Arbarca (Deceased 2008)
Jacquelyn Barton (Watkins) (Deceased 2017)
Ian Berney (Deceased 2009)
Grant Bishop (Deceased 2012)  
Michael Bozo (Deceased 2016)
Carla Brown (Clark) (Deceased 2017)
Peter Clark (Deceased 2020)
Roger Clark (Deceased 1997)
Douglas Collins (Deceased 2014)
Terry Crawford (Deceased 2012)
Michael Delles (Deceased 2020)  
Mark Fukuhara (Deceased 2010)  
Deborah Gayters (Deceased 1974)
Mark Hopkin (Deceased 1992)
Donald Hughes (Deceased 2019)  
John Jakovec (Deceased 2009)
Robert Jarvis (Deceased 1967)  
Sally Ketchum (McNair) (Deceased 2010)  
Bruce Lucas (Deceased 1998)
Linda Massahos (Deceased 1986)
Lolli Minasian (Deceased 1968)  
Vickie Nicolson (Jackson) (Deceased 2012)
David Peterson (Deceased 2008)  
Lloyd Rollins (Deceased 1975)  
Carl Dennis Samudovsky (Deceased 1993)
Mike Smyth (Deceased 2001)
Michael Suda (Deceased 2015)
Linda Vineyard (Deceased 2001)
Danny Wilks (Deceased 1986)  
Paul Williams (Deceased 1976)  
Clifford Williamson (Deceased 1999)
Fay Wong (Deceased 2005)

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