Question:     Do I have to pay to join or participate in this site?

Answer:     No, this website is free to you.


Question:     Do I have any say about the content of this website?

Answer:     Yes!   We welcome your input.  Simply click on "Contact Us" in the left menu and send us your comments or information you would like to share.  Also, there will sometimes be a survey created regarding event being planned.  Your input is much appreciated by completing the survey.


Question:     How did you obtain information about me before I even registered into this site?

Answer:     There are various ways we obtained information about our classmates;  Facebook,  other classmates and simple Google searches.  However, we know your information may not be completely accurate, so please make any corrections needed.  


Question:  How do I join the event planning committee?

Answer:  Planning meetings are announced well in advance.  Just show up at the time and location announced and join the group.  The more the merrier!