Hi Classmates! 

As most of you know, we will not be able to meet the May 18th date for our 70th birthday celebration as previously planned, but we still have the rest of the year to get together, right?  

A new survey has been created for your input that will help the committee with planning.  Please complete this survey by March 31, 2024 whether you plan to attend our 70th birthday celebration or not. 

Here is why your response is important:

  • Interest in the event itself is determined by a somewhat accurate number of survey responses. 
  • A venue cannot be selected unless there is a somewhat accurate number of attendees.  
  • Cost per person is determined by a somewhat accurate number of attendees.
  • This is your opportunity to help in the planning process.

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1)   * If the date and location are acceptable to you, do you plan to attend our 70th birthday celebration?

Yes No
2)   * Which month would you most likely attend our 70th birthday celebration?

  I will not be attending
3)   * What type of celebration would you prefer? Please choose ONE answer.

4)   * What is your venue preference?

5)   * Will you need handicap accessible facilities?

Yes No
6)   * Will you be bringing a guest to our celebration?

Yes No
7)   If you prefer to pre-pay how much would you expect to spend per person?

This survey ended on 04/01/2024.