Frequently Asked Questions

1.      DISCLAIMER:  Yes, I have put in some time getting our website up and going and have added lots of content.  I will be adding more as time goes by.  As much as I would like for your think that I am computer genius, I actually had some help with various technologies from companies located on the web. They provided me with many of the automated features built in such as the notifications that you have a message waiting for you, the music that plays on the homepage and more. They have helped me get some of the features linked to our site. It has been fun and a learning experience.
2.      COST: Yes, there is a cost associated with having this site.  Currently several classmates have contributed to the setup costs and annual server fee.  We will be passing the hat at the reunion or something. Don’t worry about it for now; it’s around $120 per year. I promise this is not a play now and pay later scheme. We’ll ask for donations at some point and keep the site going for as long as we have the funds and interest to keep it going.
3.      LOCK/UNLOCK PROFILE:   I think you should have the option checked to “lock” or keep your profile from being seen by search engines and people who are not logged on.   Google is an example of a search engine that goes out and searches the web for information and if you do not have your profile locked, it can access your information. As the site administrator, I have decided to lock everyone’s profile page by default so pictures and profile comments are not open to the public and search engines. If you want to leave your profile unlocked, so your friends and family who do not have a logon to the site can see your profile, you can go to Edit Profile on the left navigation pane of the main page, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of your profile page and remove the check beside Profile Visibility for your page.  Of course, you can also allow guests to logon if you want. (See below)
4.      PERSONAL INFORMATION ON PROFILE: People other than those who have a logon cannot see your address and phone number. Your classmates won’t even be able to see your contact information unless you allow it. If you want to double check this, try clicking on a locked profile when you are not logged on. I will leave the profile pages of those who have not logged on yet unlocked until they log on. Otherwise they would be locked out!
5.      WEBSITE SECURITY: This website is as secure as any other website on the Internet. Some of our classmates may have some hesitation to share information on the website but they should not.  Pages are locked to the public except for the list of classmates’ names and the In Memory pages. I have left the In Memory pages unlocked in case some of their family members would like to view them. Guests are fellow students who have attended Paris High School, teachers or immediate family. Please do not share your password with others to keep our website as secure as possible.
6.      ADMINISTRATOR ACCESS: As the website administrator I cannot read an email that wasn’t sent to me or see your password. I can go in to help you if you have problems with something like uploading a picture, but I still will not be able to see your password or read your email. I can reset your password if you forget it and can’t log on. Email sent to the Contact Us link comes to me.
7.     UPLOADING PICTURES: Problems with uploading pictures are usually because the picture is too large or saved as a bitmap (.bmp) file instead of a jpg.file. If you need help resizing a picture you’d like to upload, or changing the file type, contact me and I’ll be happy to assist. It usually only takes a minute. 
To upload a picture from your computer: Click on 'Edit/Upload Photos' from the MEMBER FUNCTIONS on the left side of the home page. Then, click on 'Upload New Photo'. Click the 'Add Files' button and select a photo from your hard drive (control or shift-click photos to add multiple photos). It will help if you know where you pictures are located before you start to upload them. Once you have selected the pictures you want, then click the 'Upload button'. You will be able to add caption(s) under your photo after uploading.
If you continue to have trouble, send the pictures to me with the captions and I will upload them for you.
8.      GUESTS TO THE SITE: Any class member can invite a guest to our site by sending their name and email address to me. I will place their name on a guest list and they can login just like any other classmate. They will not be asked to complete a profile but can explore everything on the site. Should they like to complete a profile, that can be done by notifying me and I will set it up. We need to limit this to fellow students of PHS, teachers, and immediate family. It is not advisable to share your password.
9.      Additional Features: There is really almost unlimited number of features that can be added to our site. If you have something you would like to see, let me know. If you have pictures from past reunions or class events send digital copies and I will add them. Same for newspaper clippings from the '60's.