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10/20/13 01:09 PM #1    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

Hi all!

I look forward to hearing from you about getting together here in the great (and warm) Southwest!  I'm sure those of you who still live in snowy places would enjoy a trip away from the cold.  And even if you don't have a need to escape the weather, the Southwest has a different kind of beauty to share,


Please keep in touch!



10/23/13 10:13 AM #2    

Sandra Floss (Mealia)

I would love to meet again in 2015. We need to stay connected as often as possible and any destination will work for me.



10/23/13 11:17 AM #3    


Pamela Baker (Willmott)

I'm ready for anything!  A trip to AZ would be great---and I'm always up for Vages.  Joe is right about vacations at our age.  If we don't do it now then when???


10/23/13 12:32 PM #4    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

Hi guys!  Great to hear from you Pam and Ed!

Ed, even WE don't do anything in the summer here!  I was thinking possibly February 2015, which would be a nice vacation for classmates that remain in the cold climes!   It would also give people time to plan.  I'm looking into several venues at this point.  They're not in a hurry to get back to me... but that's Tucson.


I hope we get a good response!  Keep in touch!



10/23/13 03:18 PM #5    


Henry Cullen

Not ruling it out but, would prefer a cruise.

10/23/13 04:07 PM #6    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

I'm open, to some extent, for a cruise.  I've gone on two and loved them.  Unfortunately, the cuisine becomes a problem for me, if it's a long one, (7 days or more).  But it should be what the majority of the class would like.  I still don't have the information on Tanque Verde Guest Ranch.  Having been there for other functions, I know it is similar to a cruise in that all your meals are taken care of... just on dry land.  And the rocking motion would come from horses, not the sea!


We've got a lot of time to decide... let's see what everyone thinks!


Thanks for your input...  Keep in touch!



10/29/13 07:12 PM #7    

Thomas Lyons

I have been dug into Vermont for so long  that I have never considered that part of the country as a place I would want to be. That being said count us in. Life is too short.  Tom

10/29/13 08:14 PM #8    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

Super, Tom!

I've gotten a good response so far!  It's early days yet but I'm looking forward to showing off Tucson!  I'm thinking of February '15.  The weather is usually pretty good and it works for me as Quilt show is in January and Tucson Festival of Books is in March.  And 16 months is a pretty good lead time.

Keep in touch and Keep Warm!  We went down to a chilly 74 today...  Hope you're heading into a great holiday season!



10/30/13 06:41 PM #9    


Ed Johnson


While I like the idea of Arizona, if our East Coast classmates prefer something closer to home -- say, somewhere in New England -- I would be happy with that, too.


10/30/13 08:50 PM #10    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

Hi Ed!

When Joe and I talked about it, it was his suggestion that we try for something West of the Mississippi, to try and get some of the ones that didn't make it to 50th because of the distance.  I don't care where it is either.  But someone else would have to pick up the baton, so to speak, if it's far away.

I've had a pretty good response so far but nothing spectacular.  I guess I need to get out another blast and see how many people are interested in coming out to the West.  Joe gave me admission to the 'manager' area of the site... I wish I was more computer literate!

I guess Eileen and Doris are not going to their 50th.  Bill Boris and several others are doing a really great job with the correspondence.  No website as yet but well done attachments.  Eileen's adamant that she won't go and I know she and Doris spoke a couple of weeks ago and Doris was of the same mind.  Oh well, I guess this re-acquainting/ catching up isn't for everyone. 

I was only in our class for 3 years and I almost didn't go last year, but I was so glad that I did!  It was wonderful seeing people again.  I felt a real part of our class, even though I'd not been there since elementary grades like most of you.  But my personality is so different from Eileen's.  I barge in and expect to be included.  I never thought that I shouldn't be.  Retirement's been the same.

For the next few days I'm up to my ears with Member's Book Sale and Quilt show meeting deadlines, but I'll pull some things together over the weekend and float them and see what response I get.  I do agree that the cost at this end needs to be kept down because of the airfare for many of our classmates.

Thanks for keeping in touch!  Hi to Susan!  If you guys do make it out here, we'll have to go to the Bray Book Sale building!

Take care!


04/06/14 10:02 AM #11    


William Raleigh

We are now less than a year away.  Do we have any further thoughts about the reunion?  As of now I will be retired the end of Oct. so timing and location should be no problem, as they say.  East of the Mississippi or West of it doesn't really make a difference.  The two would have different dates.  NJ is a no go for me in Feb.!!!  Especially with the winter they had this year.  Please keep me in the loop as to what is planned.


04/06/14 11:03 AM #12    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

Hi Bill!

Let's see again who would be interested in coming to Tucson in Early April.  It's a wonderful time here; not to hot yet but past the rain and cold that can plague Jan-Mar.

I'm assuming that this is an open forum, so I'd like to hear from anyone.  I'll talk with Joe and see if I'm getting through to everyone.


04/06/14 11:47 AM #13    


Joseph Tomanelli

If it is in Early April, I cannot be there but I will help with the notices.

12/24/14 10:23 AM #14    

Brant Gaede

I live in Tucson but there's no guarantee I'll be in town. The guest ranch is in the far east side and I'm far west. I'll be there  if I don't have to be in Ohio.

12/25/14 01:20 PM #15    

Sandra Floss (Mealia)

Hello All,

I am in but not sure I can get there for the 15th, perhaps a day or two later. I am open to going West of the Mississippi or New England, or a cruise. or whatever the majority votes for.

Happy Holiday to all


12/26/14 04:09 AM #16    

Edward Sussman

Have a good time in sunny southwest. I am off to australia , then paris January thru may 2015.

05/28/15 04:36 PM #17    

Phyllis Bishop (Mengler)

A  Florida reunion is a good idea.     smiley

05/29/15 11:43 AM #18    


M. Reilly (Zoda)

With all of you that live in Florida, I think it's a great idea!  Would also give me a chance to see friends from my time living there...


05/30/15 11:40 AM #19    


William Raleigh

While not a FL resident, we are not all that far from there, depending on where in FL we set as the venue.

10/13/21 07:39 PM #20    

Judith Meredith (Grinwis)

How about a 60th reunion via Zoom??

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