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01/12/09 09:52 AM #1    

Jill M Hawkins

Thank you Tracy for creating this AWESOME website for us to all be in contact before our reunion!

01/12/09 11:05 PM #2    

Shalika I Rooks (Mac Book)

This is going to be great. Just watch how fast it grows!

02/08/09 09:43 AM #3    

Tracy L. Richards

Hello what's up Tracy i had an Idea for something around our reunion. You know when we had the Basketball game against the muir players we thought it might be good if we played an 1989 alumni game vs. PHS Idris could get the old dena fellows together and I would get the 1989 Muir fellows and play that game the week after the tussle seeing that the Reunion is around that time or we can make it fit some where in there. Just a thought to raise some money for the basketball team and bring some people together. Let me know on one of these sites where on. Also I I will have a John Muir Alumni Comedy show at the Ice House with some of my comic friends if you guy's are looking to raise money I've already talk to the promoters they didn't know I grew up in Dena. So get with me I can get some good comics and split the money with the Alumni. Hit me if you want to talk about it 323-XXX-XXXX

Dejon Jernagin

03/20/09 08:39 PM #4    

Malis Green

givin my suport....we balling baby

04/18/09 10:50 AM #5    

Paulette E Cogshell

Thank you Jill. This was an excellent idea.

07/01/09 11:55 AM #6    

James Porter, Jr.

thank you tracey. this is great Can't wait 4 everybody else 2 join

thank you!!!

07/07/09 04:15 AM #7    

Richard E Lawson II

This is to tracy! Please hit me right quick! I need help so i can get to the reunion ! Between me and you tracy i need help Hit me A.S.A.P So i can attend! And i have info on some one you want to hear from You Hit me Quick!

02/20/22 08:37 PM #8    

Eric Cooper

we need another one soon . High school reunion !!!!!!!!!!! post pandemic. ill be there promise. 

Eric Cooper

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