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07/29/08 07:46 PM #35    

Lena Teasdale (Roberts)

Mitch does live around Georgetown somewhere. Christy Canady sees him at youth baseball games all the time and told him about the reunion, but he wasn't sure if he would be able to make it. Mitch, if you're reading this, I'll buy your first drink!

Oh, and Anita, thanks for reminding me about Matt Hughes. I haven't thought about him in years, but I feel where you're coming from, sister!

07/29/08 08:03 PM #36    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

Matt Hughes and I had a class together! He would bug the hell out of the teacher by making water dripping noises! He taught me how to do it, too!

My school crush was always Todd Yarbrough...but anyone who knew me knew that already! From 4th grade til high school...he was always the one I wanted but could never have. But at least he was a good friend of mine. He held my hand when we found out about Jenny Hughes. Does anyone know if he's coming to the reunion?

07/29/08 11:48 PM #37    

Anita Tidwell (Suazo)

Ahhh ... I remember Todd. Solid choice.

I also remember Matt's water dripping noises. It used to drive Mrs. Haneal (SP?) our government teacher nuts, too, but he would charm her up and she would get flustered and leave him alone. He even made her blush from time to time. Ahhh ... those were the days. I actually ran into Matt at a mutual friends wedding and admitted my crush. We had a good laugh about it. I guess his charm followed him to college because the groom told me his nickname was "SHARKY!" One can only wonder!

Brianna, or anyone else in the know, do you have any idea where/if/how I could buy one of our senior annuals? Mine is long gone and I would love to replace it.

Thanks, Anita

08/01/08 11:17 AM #38    

Briana Tolleson (Roehling)

My only suggestion for finding an extra yearbook is to call the school and see if they happen to have any left. At some point (and I can't promise anything soon) I'll try to scan in the pages from our class and maybe some other pages that have our classmates on them.

08/01/08 01:02 PM #39    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

I happen to have two of our high school yearbooks with me now. I'll scan some pictures in today and put them on my profile (if I have time). Anyone who wants to steal them can.

08/01/08 05:00 PM #40    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

Sorry, guys! My scanner is down so I can't scan any yearbook pictures. I'll just bring them to the reunion tonight! See everybody there!


08/01/08 05:28 PM #41    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

Does anybody know David Urrate? I don't remember him and I can't find him in the yearbooks I have. I have a doctor with the same name. Does anybody know what David does for a living?


08/01/08 09:15 PM #42    

Anita Tidwell (Suazo)

Yeah, Brianna, I tried the school. It doesn't look good for me. They are not in session yet, but I did leave word with the "yearbook lady" that I am looking. Thanks for you help.

Have fun this weekend. I am sure you are looking forward to it as well as looking forward to the planning of it being over. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Take care,

08/02/08 01:01 PM #43    

Amy Petter (Friend)


I might have a yearbook for you. I'll check next time I visit my parents in Pflugerville.

David Urrate and I were friends, and I've been hoping to see him here. He is a doctor in Austin!

08/02/08 01:32 PM #44    

Aaron Swenson

Man, I thought I was the only one that had a crush on Matt.

08/02/08 02:57 PM #45    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)


Thanks for the info on David. I think he's my doctor. Small world!


08/02/08 05:30 PM #46    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

I posted pictures from the reunion at Hanover's on my profile. If you remember taking a picture with me then it's on there!

Had a great time. Nice seeing everybody again. Some of you I knew in kindergarten! Nice to know you didn't forget me!

Take care, my friends!

08/02/08 11:24 PM #47    

Monica Mason (DiSchiano)

I remember David Urrate, I went to a party at Debra Tetens house with him once. He was so "new wave", but I can see him being a doctor. I wonder if he plays The Cure in his office!

08/03/08 05:35 PM #48    

Stacie Crochet (Carter)

I just wanted to put out a Thank You to Brianna, Julie and Vickie for doing a great job. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting their spouses.

08/04/08 01:40 AM #49    

Sharon Nichols

David Urrate and i were very good friends, we used to go drive to New Orleans once a year...that's where he grew up and still had family. He came to visit me and Allison Carnley a couple of times when we lived in Hawaii, that was while he was in medical school.
Wow Nickie, i can't believe he's your doctor!! oh, and thanks for posting those pictures so quickly.
i'm really sorry that i had to miss the reunion, would have LOVED to have seen all you guys...guess i'll see you at the 25th.

08/04/08 09:38 AM #50    

Chris Tice

I'd just like to add my appreciation and thanks to Briana, Julie, & Vicki - and to the classmates who showed up to this event! I had a blast and sicerely enjoyed everyone with whom I spoke. Hope to catch up with you again in 5 or 10 years!

08/04/08 12:16 PM #51    

Stephaine McCurry (Lane)

Hello everyone! So good to see you all and visit. Patrick is going through the pictures and editing them a little (color, contrast, light, etc.) so they look good. So far from what I have seen, they look great! They are scheduled to go up no later than Aug 9th. So, keep an eye out!We both had a great time with everyone. Thx to Briana, Julie, & Vicki(and anyone else) for setting it all up!

08/04/08 12:52 PM #52    

Mary Kimmins (Feteira)

It was great to see everybody this past weekend. Thanks to all that were involved in the perfect planning of it all. I'll be heading back to NY Sunday the 10th with a lot of fond memories in tow. So good to see my Texas friends... and catch up with those of you that I haven't seen in a while. My best wishes to everyone.

08/07/08 08:35 PM #53    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

Shannon is here getting her tattoos! Who's next?!

08/08/08 08:03 PM #54    

Nickie Spassky (Tiet)

Had some people asking to see the tattoo we did on Shannon Spiller (McNutt) so I posted a picture on my profile. Check it out!

11/02/08 09:24 AM #55    

Shannon Spiller (McNutt)

Nickie, thanks for the kick ass tattoo.

And, in case you all don't know...NICKIE HAD HER BABY ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT....A BABY BOY VIA C-SECTION! Be sure to email her congrats!

Secret crush:
Todd Yarbrough
Doug Ayers (which he knew, not so secret)

12/13/12 04:31 AM #56    

Shannon Spiller (McNutt)

Any plans for a 25 year reunion?  It's coming up (2013).

05/05/13 01:00 AM #57    

Kyle Patrick

Well, since our 25th reunion is coming up pretty soon, I thought I'd post something on the forum to say, HEY, our 25th reunion is coming up pretty soon!!!  Buy your ticket for this dinner by the end of this month (only $30!!!) and spread the word!!  Let's make this the best darndest tootin'-est  reunion evuh!!





06/21/18 09:54 PM #58    

Roberta (Robin) Stanley (Beckley)

I wish I could come and see everyone but work is very busy and I couldn't get off. If you guys ever meet up in the falll please let me know. My work season goes from spring to early fall. Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion!!!


06/23/18 09:45 AM #59    

Sheri Merkle (Barons)

We just relocated from Denver Metro area to Palm Desert California. Literally moving into the new house this weekend. Wish everyone the best. Looking forward to our 35th, sorry to miss the reunion. I will be with you in spirit!

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