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West High Traditions

West Phoenix High School

The Phoenix Union High School District can trace it's roots back to 1895 when the entire school district was composed of one school with 4 classrooms and 90 students. Today, over 25,000 attend Phoenix high schools.

For many years, Phoenix Union High School was the only high school in the district. But by 1938, over 5,000 students were attending the school. Some relief was offered when North High School was opened in 1939, but, following World War II, as with nearly every other school district in the country, the wave of baby boomers was coming. Adding into the equation Phoenix's phenomenal growth rate during the last half of the 20th century, it was plain to see that Phoenix's high school landscape was about to change forever.

West Phoenix High School ThunderbirdIn 1949, West Phoenix High School opened it's doors at the corner of N. 19th Ave. and W. Thomas Rd. with nine buildings on it's 40 acre campus. Over the next 23 years, eight more high schools were added to the school district. Between 1972 and 1982, Phoenix leveled off and maintained it's eleven high schools. However, declining enrollment in the 1980's, coupled with redistricting, required Phoenix Union to make the same difficult and sometimes heart-breaking decisions that most large school districts faced.

In 1982, the two oldest high schools were closed; Phoenix Union and North High Schools. They were joined a year later by West. The West High School building was re-opened in 1985 as Metro Tech Vocational Institute of Phoenix, which was later renamed Metro Tech High School.

During it's 34 year existence, West Phoenix High School collected at least 18 Arizona Class 5A State Championships in athletics.


West High Fight Song

There they go, to conquer the foe,

Our team today, will fight its way

To victory and honor so dear,

Come on let's give a cheer - RAH! RAH!

Stand back, the Thunderbird pack

Is ready to fight for maroon and white.

So, Rickety Rax co-ax, co-ax Sis boom Bah!

To do or die, for old West High

We must fight on to victory. Hey!


West High Alma Mater

Hail Alma Mater 

Hail to thee

Loyal to West High

We will ever be

Proudly our banners wave

Proclaiming our might 

Cheer all together