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West Supports Metro Tech

West High alumni have a fund available to support students at Metro Tech.  Here are the details from Mark Moore, including how to make a voluntary donation.


Personal Background - Annalee Moore managed the bookstore during our years at West High. At my
mother’s death her remains were cremated. The ashes were lost. My siblings and I had no traditional way
to show our respect for her generous lifetime of gifts to us and to others; including many students during
her twenty (20+) year tenure at West High.
Metro Tech - My two sisters and brother realized that monies we used for the giving of gifts for birthdays
and holidays to one another could be far better used to assist persons financially less fortunate than
ourselves. West High was such a major part of our mother’s life that we concluded a fitting tribute to her
was to provide our financial assistance to Metro Tech.

After several personal visits with the then (and now retired) principal Kate McDonald at Metro Tech,
together with multiple tours of the campus, my family decided to financially support Metro Tech. I have
recently met with Metro Tech principal Bryan Reynoso who strongly encourages the continued funding.
Two separate and independent mechanisms have been used. Each is totally separate from the Arizona
state tax credit. Each gives Metro Tech a discretionary means to help its students without the constraints
imposed by the tax credit law.
1. The demographic data that constituted West High during our years is no more. Although I now realize
that many of my classmates were far less fortunate than was I during my years at West, I do believe that
financial circumstances for a large number of Metro Tech students are extremely difficult. Over the years
my siblings and I have purchased hundreds of dollars in gift cards in denominations of $25 each to insure
Metro Tech families have the ability to buy groceries for weekend or holiday meals. These cards were
given to Diane Venetos, assistant to the principal at Metro Tech, to have in her possession to distribute as
a critical need arose.
2. The second approach used by my siblings and me was to establish the Annalee and Bill Moore
Memorial Fund (ABMMF) with accounting handled by the PUHSD. Over the past 10+ years we have been
able to contribute moderate amounts of money to be used totally at the discretion of the principal to assist
needy Metro Tech students. I have neither asked for nor received an accounting of the funds. That is not
important. The funds were not that large. What is important is the need of the students that are addressed
and the immense satisfaction that is received knowing that my family and I have done something good for
someone we will never know. (One exception to my blissful ignorance occurred when McDonald advised
me that part of the donated funds one year were used to buy caps and gowns for graduating seniors.
Seventeen graduates were able to walk with their classmates through the ceremony. Each could not have
done so because their family could not afford the purchase cost of the cap and gown. EACH OF THESE
In addition to continuing to purchase gift cards at Walmart, Target and Fry’s (Kroger Stores); I will do the
1. The ABMMF name has been changed to West Supports Metro Tech (WSMT) fund. (The name change
is solely to make the fund more inclusive.)
2. The funds remaining in the ABMMF have been transferred to the WSMT fund.
3. I will make all my future personal discretionary gifts to the WSMT fund.
4. I will ask each of you in accordance with your financial circumstances and comfort level to make your
donation(s) by either gift cards and/or to the WSMT fund
Your Reunion Committee is working with PUHSD to develop a secure electronic link for donations directly
from the reunion home page. The PUHSD completion date is scheduled for October 13th. For those of us
who are skeptical that completion will occur before the reunion, I urge you to mail your checks and gift
cards directly to Diane Venetos, assistant to the principal, 1900 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, Az. 85015
I acknowledge that some of my classmates will not want to participate in the support of Metro Tech.
Similarly, I appreciate that not all are in a financial position to donate. I respect both positions. However, to
those who are willing and able, please support Metro Tech students generously.  Thank you.