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This is the official website for the West High Class of 1967.  Watch for updates and reunion information.  



                                                   Our 55th reunion

See the great photos of the 55th reunion from Ken Schoolland, Charles & Debbie Andrews, and David Markovitz! Click on the Thunderbird Photos tab at the top left hand part of this Home Page to view them. A big thank you to everyone on the the reunion committee for their valuable input and assistance and also to all of our Class of 1967 classmates who came and added their personalities and warm friendships to make it a very enjoyable weekend!

We had 3 great events on Friday, Oct. 28: Pickleball at 9 am hosted by Jim Rutledge, the Arabian Horse Farm tour at noon hosted by John and Ann Lumm, and our Meet and Greet at Aunt Chilada's at 5 pm combined with about 38 from the Class of 1968. Then we had 2 more outstanding events on Saturday, Oct. 29: the Picnic at Encanto Park beginning at 10 am and the Jordan's Mexican Restaurant dinner at 6 pm.

There were 52 classmates who brought 23 guests = 75 total! They were: Carolyn Anderson Lee, Charles Andrews, Cynthia Bertram Bennett, Ron Blake, Bonnie Brown Martinez, John Cahal, Pam Cathcart Stevenson, Jo Ann Cohen Hopper, Judy Collard Pacheco, Skip Davison, James Elson, Roxanna Erickson Klein, Dennis Franklin, Lee Giurlanda, June Goodson Zeidler, Colien Hefferan, Laura Heidenreich, Barbara Heuer O'Brien, Sam Hughes, Jeff Jacober, Felice Jennings, Gale Kuta Payson, Carl LeSueur, John Lumm, Melissa Manley Moore, David Markovitz, Larry Martino, Sharon Mc Griff, Marcia Miller Blake, Ellie Mishkind Thrasher, David Moore, Mark Moore, Steven Morris, John Padelford, Ann Paquette Lumm, Marti Plummer Cannady, Mary Ann Quaing McPherson, Brode Meyer, Nancy Peck Fahrendorf, James Rutledge, Pamela Ryan Swayze, John Sankovich, Ben Schaub, Ken Schoolland, Carol Shannon, Alan Spillers, Roger Starr, Cheryl Suserud Smith, Judi Triplett Kurth, Linda Tyler, Mark Van Hoesen, Jack Zeidler.


•   John W Hesterman II  5/7
•   Carl W. LeSueur  4/29
•   Alan Stein  4/9
•   Michael Alan Feller  2/27
•   Walter Catron  2/24
•   Lucia Watkins (Perry)  2/21
•   David Moore  2/8
•   Lynda Elaine Henderson (Shaw)  1/21
•   Marcia Lynn Miller (Blake)  10/25
•   Ginni Weaver (Lionberger ('69))  10/24
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1 lives in Alaska
275 live in Arizona
51 live in California
9 live in Colorado
1 lives in District Of Columbia
2 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
3 live in Hawaii
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1 lives in Illinois
2 live in Indiana
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3 live in Ohio
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2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Rhode Island
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
12 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
5 live in Virginia
6 live in Washington
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in Israel
57 location unknown
120 are deceased


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