Unknown Whereabouts

As of the last reunion, we had bad addresses/contact info for the following folks.   If you have contact info for any of them, please let them know about the wesite or send me their information.  Thanks for looking!


Jean Albrecht / Gardner

Jeff Altenhof

Thomas Bailey

Roy Balash

Mike Balistreri

Diane Becker (Kmonk)

Brian Bentz

Jeanne Borman Weisz

Joanne Budd / Trychta

Don Chesmer

Sue Chick / Rudek

Janice Cofano / McEvoy

Patti Cortese / Buetner

Duane Dady

Pattilou Daum

Mark Davis

Mike DeFalco

Tammie Dollish / Gerber

Lisa Feldmeier / Kurimski

Paul Fordenbacher

Barb Forkapa Sharma

Dan Hehmann

Randy Heuler

Gabe Ihrig

Bernie Janicki / Arduini

Rose Jarosz

Jim Johnson

Kathy Kraus / Platek

Don Kurtz

Kim Lesante

Vicki Lindenfelser Harmony

Cathy LoPinto (Cathy is on Facebook, but has never logged into this website)

Jeff Marquis

Louis Micklege

Michael Miller

Grace Obeldobel

Tom Parme

John Patterson

Theresa Pielin / Noralesky

Ruth Ann Pietkiewicz / Gross

Paul Pingel

Patty Reis / Paiani

Joe Rossa

Keith Sausser

James K. Smith

Tammy Snyder / Whittington

Sue Sobieralski

Ken Stepanek

Sandy Taylor

Mark Valenta

 We have never had any luck locating the classmates listed below.  (At least in the past 10-15 years.)  If you know the whereabouts of someone on the list, please let them know about the website or send us the information (married last name, husband's first name, city, state, parent's phone number, etc.).


 Janet Brinker Saunders

 John Dickinson

 Barb Etzel

 John Harlan

 Mike Kampmeyer

 Joan Long

 Mildred Malenka Savatt   (Middie turns up every now and then, but we can't keep track of her.)

 Kim Melani

 Tammie Mitchell

Dennis Nelson

Grace O'Connor

Ken Senoski

David Smith

James Stewart (Jim is on Facebook, but has never logged into this website)

Milton Wheeler

Ed Zulka