In Memory

"Death can show us the way, for when we know and understand completely that our time on this Earth is limited, and that we have no way of knowing when it will be over, then we must live each day as if it were the only one we had.  Life is so fragile;  Every day is a gift . . ."

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Kevin Ahearn (Deceased 1978)  
Paul Becker (Deceased 1994)  
Brian Bentz (Deceased 2020)  
Mark Boscia (Deceased 2015)  
Mike Buzard (Deceased 2013)
James Cleary (Deceased 2004)  
Mark Darling (Deceased 1979)  
Brian Doughty (Deceased 1978)  
Bruce Doughty (Deceased 1978)  
Joe Eisenbarth (Deceased 2017)  
Barb Etzel (Deceased 2015)  
Maureen Floss (Deceased 2002)  
Tom Geiser (Deceased 2008)  
Tony Giglio (Deceased 1991)  
Martha Sissy Gordon (Pinkston) (Deceased 2008)  
Evelyn Grant (Maga) (Deceased 2020)  
Gayle Grazer (Rawley) (Deceased 2013)  
Paul Grossman (Deceased 2005)  
Larry Harvey (Deceased 2020)  
Mike Hoffman (Deceased 2010)  
Randy Hoglund (Deceased 1986)  
John Imblum (Deceased 2010)  
John Jurewicz (Deceased 2005)  
Eric Keller (Deceased 2010)  
Mark Kuhn (Deceased 2020)  
Martin Lazzaro (Deceased 2014)  
Matt Long (Deceased 1998)  
Donna Lutz (Caruso) (Deceased 1993)  
Dan Lydon (Deceased 2020)  
Patricia Marstellar (Kiselica) (Deceased 2012)
Judy McAnany (Palamedes) (Deceased 1994)  
Pete McCormick (Deceased 1986)  
Ralph Miles (Deceased 2014)
Mike Moore (Deceased 2005)  
Ken Murawski (Deceased 2014)
Lori Novak (Klein) (Deceased 2006)  
Debbie O'Halek (Ayres) (Deceased 1998)  
Joseph Oney (Deceased 2007)  
Colleen O'Reilly (Smider) (Deceased 2001)  
Lynn Petrella (Gaetano) (Deceased 2006)  
Todd Phillips (Deceased 2015)  
Paul Reed (Deceased 2004)  
Andy Reid (Deceased 1981)  
Don Reiland (Deceased 2011)  
John Roller (Deceased 2013)
Glen Rosing (Deceased 1979)  
Michael Ruckert (Deceased 1986)  
Tom Saffer (Deceased 2004)  
Ron Salazar (Deceased 1985)  
Greg Schmigel (Deceased 2020)  
Jean Servich (Urlakis) (Deceased 2006)  
Dave Strang (Deceased 2011)  
Elmer Stumpf (Deceased 1981)  
Beth Sullivan (Laury) (Deceased 2011)  
Jeanne Tatar (Spada) (Deceased 2021)  
Kim Tortella (Balash) (Deceased 2020)  
Mark Welsh (Deceased 1983)  
Pam Williams (Lenhart) (Deceased 2018)  
Tom Wise (Deceased 2007)  
Sheila Woodland (McClain) (Deceased 2015)  
Guy Young (Deceased Year Unknown)  

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