Missing Classmates

Although we have over 160 classmates that have joined this site, we still have about that same amount that are missing. Either they have not joined but we know they're around (thanks to Facebook, Twitter, or just seeing them in person), there are others that we have no idea whear they're at.

Below is a list of classmates that were listed on our graduation pamphlet but have yet to finish joining. If you know where to find them, please guide them to this site and let them know, all they need to do is to find their name under Classmate Profiles (or even this page), click on their name and finish following all necessary prompts.


Johnny Agner
Lisa Aldridge
Michelle Anderson
Kelly AuBuchon
Victor Bagwell, Jr
James Baker
Nikki Bandy (Baker)
Gary Barnett
Erol Baskurt
Gary Baughn
Danny Bedwell, Jr
Gregory Berry
Diana Bostic
Rocio Brinkley
Carol Briscoe
Nicole Butler
Sean Casey
Robert Caudel
Christine Chatman
Amardeep Chauhan
Nancy Cheshire
Candace Chitwood
Amy Colvin
Kevin Courtney
Stephanie Cross
Goldie Crow
Kimberly Currie
Daniel Davis
Gary Davis
John Davis
Amy Dennis
Shannon Dixon
Lisa Dye
Felica Ellis
Angela Elsworth
Todd Eubanks
Victor Flores
Lori Foster
Christopher Foulks
J. Joe Fowler
James Francis
Sandra Frazier
Norman Gann
Melissa Garcia
Susan Glotzbach
Jeff Griffin
Cecil Gunter
Douglas Hager
Valorie Hart
Angie Harwell
Jeff Harwell
Karen Hastings
Jill-Pierrette Hauswirth
Susan Hillis
David Huff
Elisabeth Hughey
Jason Jines
Deric Johnson
Terry Johnson
Andre Jones
Anthony Jones
Arnold Jones II
Christy Jordan
Sarah Kalich
Eric Kearbey
David Kinder
Jeffrey King
David Lane
Johnny Lane
James Larson
Jeanine Lawrence
Stacy Liles
Adriana Lobato
Scott Macey
Renee Mallory
Travis Malone
Jason Masters
Larry McClellon
Christopher McDonald
Miranda McSwain
Mark Miller
Paul Miller
Will Miller
Christopher Mitchell
Tina Mohr
Samantha Moore
Shane Morris
Shannon Myers
LaKathy Norman
Charles Norman, Jr
RuthAnn Norris
Jason Oglesbee
Teresa Osher
Cynthia Parks
Laurie Parks
Stephen Pawluc
James Perry
Grant Phelan
Scott Phelps
Nicole Poort
Diana Potts
Marquency Richie
Carol Robinson
Carmen Rodgers
Adriana Rodriquez
Gabriel Rohweder
Robert Rowland
Valerie Ruettgers
James Scobey
Gayle Sexton
Geoffrey Shackelford
Jennifer Shaw
Edward Smith
Joe Smith
Deborah Spencer
Nicole Spencer
Christa Spradling
Michele Steffan
David Stonecipher
Leslie Sutton
Christopher Swain
Michelle Taber
James Talkington
Edward Taylor
Amy Terando
Perry Tomlinson
Christel Valles
Joseph Vernon
Bradley Wachob
Jason Whiteley
Paula Whitley
Martha Whitlow
Lynda Whitmer
Latasha Williams
Paul Woodruff
Christina Woodrum