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How To Join

Here are the steps to follow for joining this website. After joining you can log in to view private pages and RSVP for events.

1. Starting at the top of the left-side menu, select Co-worker Profiles. This opens up a page with all of the co-workers for whom we have an email address.
2. Scroll down to find your name and then click on your name. If you cannot find your name on the list of classmates, please click on Contact Us (at the right-most side of the menu at the top of any page) and send us a message to have your name added.
3. After clicking on your name, a page appears asking you to 'click here now' to create your unique Log In. Click the link labeled 'click here now'.
4. Fill in the information requested on the new page.  The email address and password you enter are used to create your unique Log In identity.
5. Click on "Continue" and finish your profile.
It's that easy!