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2024 Reunion Happy Hour RSVP

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Jun 2, 2024 (Sun)
2024 P431 Reunion Happy Hour


Embassy Suites Hotel
8100 Loisdale Road
Lorton Virginia 22150

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  • 2024 P431 Reunion Happy Hour

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Event Details

14th Annual P431 Reunion Happy Hour!

The 14th Annual P431 Reunion Happy Hour will be held at the Embassy Suites hotel in Springfield VA on Sunday June 2 2024 starting at 4:00pm.  It's the same location as our earlier events in 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023 (no event held in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic).  The location is just off I-95 in Newington, and offers a reserved area of comfortable seating.  Plus, if it's not raining, we have direct access to an outdoor area. As usual, this event is free to attend and you pay for your own food and beverages. Whether you plan to have dinner or just a beverage, join your fellow co-workers for this 14th anniversary spring event! (Note: Although the event is free, you need to complete all the registration steps until you reach the page that says "ORDER COMPLETE"). 

Whether you are coming from out-of-town or are a local, you might consider staying overnight at the Embassy Suites.  Details about the Embassy Suites hotel, including the dining menu for Crossroads Bar & Grill, can be found by clicking here.

Who's Coming? (this section is updated manually so if you register and don't see your name it will show up eventually)

Mike Anderson, Lynn Baily, Sonya Bell (Morton) and Gregory Morton, Bill Carrens, Joseph Christiansen (Quaschnik), Al Clevenger, Terry Dougherty, John Figueroa, Debbie Fines, Arie Gruner, Tom Haser, Joan Johnson, Mike Kasey, Chuck Maginn, John Munson, Jack Oelschlager, Paul Owen, Rich & Angela Pachuki, Don Pettit, Paul Rice, Mike Rozzi, Gerald Schumacher, Mark Slifko, Ken Smith, Chris Straub, Glenn Weeks. 



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