Christian Duckworth

Profile Updated: June 2, 2013
Residing In: Mexico, MO USA
Children: I have two cats.
Occupation: Software engineer, Tech support for the apocalypse
Military Service: US Army  
Career path:

I have absolutely no idea. Life is too short to limit yourself to any one path. The more paths taken, the richer the life! In other words, I haven't figured it out yet. But when I do, the Earth will rumble!

Fondest Jr. High memory:

Coming to grips with who and what I am, oh yeah, and the shwarmas, and 5 Riyal tapes!!

Most Proud Of:

Pride? Tough call.
I completed college, had a military career, survived a marriage, and would love to write a novel!
Other than that, I am just out there.

Where you've lived since Saudi:

Sweetwater, Tennessee.
Madisonville, Tennessee.
Wallingford, Connecticut.
Houston, Texas.
Portland, Maine.
Playa Del Carman, Mexico.
Dallas, Texas.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Mexico, Missouri.

Thing I miss most about Saudi:

Not a darn thing! I've managed to repress much of my childhood memories! The feelings in youth that we all have where we feel that we can do anything!


In the past two years, I'm coming to grips with what I have successfully repressed for 30 odd years.

Saudi Friends I've stayed in touch with (pre Facebook):

None really. I did run into Tory Mitchell a few years ago.
And back in 1989 while living in Connecticut, I ran into Farah Brelvi!
She recognized me, WAY cool.

And now we are Facebook friends.

Pet Peeves:

People siting Wikipedia as a source, instead of scrolling to the bottom of the pace for their source.
People that think golf is fun.
People that don't like pinball, I know that makes me old, and I don't care!
Judgmentalness, I know it's not really a word, so don't judge me on it.
People that think that peace is not the answer!!!

Plans for the Future:

Holding on to the past whilst reaching for the future. Possibly going back to school. I have a BA, and I'm thinking about getting my Masters...


Na, Ill just keep my BA and maybe take some unrelated classes.

Last Word:

Well, I've tried living life to it's fullest.
I've gone through periods of absolute manic hell, interspersed with longer periods of self discovery.
I've learned to admire the strength of conviction that I have never had.

Attending 30-year Reunion (06/26/14)


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Older, wiser, and sexier!