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11/20/08 09:12 AM #2    

Scott LaPree

Thanks for setting this up, Randy...well done! Hopefully, we get enough data from this to make our preparations easier. Sign up, folks!

11/22/08 07:31 PM #3    

Diana Swenson (Friemann)

Randy Schmidt, you are awesome to do this for our classmates! Thank you for everything you have done and the time involved. This will really help us to get our reunion folks together. I look forward to seeing the "then and now" pictures! What a fun web site!

11/26/08 11:16 AM #4    

Randy Schmidt

We are open for business ! Thanks Dianna for all your typing help !

11/27/08 07:12 PM #5    

Vonnie Wiersbeck (Schwab)

very nice - as always. thank you for doing this.

12/04/08 09:44 AM #6    

Robert Reynolds

To all involved, thanks for taking the initiative to set up this site. I have missed the last couple of reunions so I'm looking forward to learning what everyone has been up to.

12/07/08 09:02 PM #7    

Keith Kramer

Thanks Randy and Scott !! This is great and I look forward to seeing more of our classmates active on this website.

12/09/08 02:18 PM #8    

Lori Steffens (Coutier)

This really is an awesome idea. What a blast from the past just remembering the faces with the names!

02/19/09 06:07 PM #9    

Linda Wojtczak (Barca)

Thank-you for contacting me about this site. This is great! Linda

03/29/09 11:34 AM #10    

Mary Graham (Seeger)

Thanks Randy and Scott for setting this up and thanks to Keith for sending me the information. I look forward to catching up with everyone.

07/23/09 08:19 AM #11    

Mike Bartholomew

Just finished reading Bruce Werre's book. Recommend reading it if you want to revive those memories of the two state championhips from an inside perspective. Very enjoyable to read!

09/21/09 09:54 AM #12    

Debbie Cooper (Houdek)

Thanks Randy, Scott, and Diana for all your work on this website. It's fun to see what everyone has been up to. My son's football coach told all the kids on his team about Bruce's book and encouraged them to buy it and read it. Also, this Friday, 9/25 is JM's homecoming so if you can, join in walking in the parade and then cheer on our alma mater when they play Mayo that night.

03/01/10 09:57 AM #13    

Scott LaPree

Hi, Kids! With the 35th reunion coming up this fall, we would like to get as many old photographs as possible of any of our classmates. These will be copied and used in displays to be shown at the reunion. Thanks, everyone!

04/19/10 03:35 PM #14    

Linda Wojtczak (Barca)

Hi everyone, anyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had teen kids that wanted a job mowing a lawn this summer.

My folks are old and have a big yard. I don't want my dad to have to do it this summer so I am looking for someone to do this for my folks. If you know of anyone or someone I should get into contact with please let me know. Thanks. Linda (Wojtczak) Barca e-mail

06/07/10 02:58 PM #15    

Diana Swenson (Friemann)

I would like to give a special thank you note to all the committee members, retired teachers and staff from JMHS who have helped get this reunion set for the homecoming Oct. 1 and 2, 2010.  Without all of your help and support this would not have happened.  Kudos to all!  Diana (Swenson) Friemann

06/21/10 01:51 PM #16    

David Stenberg

Great job on the website, Randy! I am just now signing in for the first time.

I regret that I won't be at the 35 year reunion, as I play in a charity golf tournament in Myrtle Beach every year at the same time. Best wishes to the entire Class of "75!!!!!!!!!! GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/03/10 01:16 PM #17    

Diana Swenson (Friemann)

These past two days have been two of the best in my life.  It's because of all the good times and good friendships that I re established at the class reunion.  I encourage anyone who was not able to attend to strongly consider coming to the next one because life is short and there are not a lot of opportunities like this to get together.  Friday at John Marshall was so energizing.  Those kids in red and black, the pep fest, the coronation, the parade, the tour of the campus, the football game, what a day!  Beetles - well I was about ready to fall asleep by that point but it was packed man!  We need a bigger bar next time!  The group hug at the 4H was a highlight, and thank you again to everyone who helped.  I could not do this without you. 

10/04/10 06:55 AM #18    

Scott LaPree

What a blast.  Thanks to all on the committee for their diligence. You are wonderful people. Hey, I got an idea.....let's get together next weekend and do it again! Well, without the parade, I guess, but everything else. Rock on, Rockets!

10/17/10 11:35 PM #19    

Diana Swenson (Friemann)

I would just love to do it all over again!  It was so much fun.  It took me over a week to come down from the "reunion high" that was on and I just went around smiling for a week or so afterwards remember all the smiles and fun everyone had together again.  Go Rockets!  Hope to see you all again in five years and we hope to add a lot more that could not make this one.  Thanks to all!  Diana

03/03/13 12:37 AM #20    

Diana Swenson (Friemann)

Had a great time tonight at the 56th birthday party for our JM Class of '75.  Hope to see you all soon again at Beetles Bar and Grill.  Diana Swenson Friemann

07/27/19 05:02 PM #21    

Richard Bell

I am Embarassed  to say i have never been to a reunion yet, but i will be attending the reunion in 2020! Looking forward to seeing faces i havent seen in almost 45 years! Richard Bell

02/04/21 03:15 PM #22    

Jim Shepard

Does anyone know where Craig Johnson is? Any help would be appreciated. 

02/05/21 01:42 PM #23    

Jeff Judd

As far as I know, Jim Shepard, we don't have Craig Johnson's contact info. Thx, -JJ

02/06/21 02:39 AM #24    

Jim Shepard

That is why I was asking thru this system hoping someone might know.

03/31/21 04:12 PM #25    

Scott LaPree

RIP, John McCoy. Great art teacher, and a very nice man.


04/01/21 02:05 PM #26    

Mike Sabbann

I never had him as a teacher. But when I'd see him in the hallways I figured he was probably a "cool guy" because of his beard! Forty-five years later his beard is right in style! 

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