Going Back in Time Trivia Game

Fifty years later....and what do you remember about  your years at McQuaid?    Time to find out how fast your synapses are still firing, and whether you're better at remembering what you had for breakfast today or who you took to your Senior Prom.

Fill out the quiz and see what you can recall through the haze of time.    We'll review the questions at the class dinner on 9/22 and declare the winner.  The winner, by the way will get an incredible prize which will more than make it worth coming to the reunion.   The only caveat is the huge tax liability in accepting it :)

Good luck!

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1)   Without repeating an athlete's name, name 2 Senior athletes who played on each of the following teams: football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and track. SCORE: 1 point each

2)   Name 5 teachers that we had as seniors. SCORE: 1 point each

3)   Name four plays that the school produced while we were at McQuaid. SCORE: 1 point each

4)   Who was voted "Most Likely to Succeed"? SCORE: 2 points

5)   Who was voted "Best Dressed"? SCORE: 2 points

6)   Who was voted the person with the "Best Sense of Humor"? SCORE: 2 points

7)   Name the author of the Class History that was published in The Accolade. SCORE: 2 points

8)   How many students started in our Freshman year? SCORE: 2 points

9)   What senior elective did Mr. Inguaggiato teach that focused on the study of Asia? SCORE: .1 point

10)   Match the classmates with the car they drove: CARS: red Mustang, MGA, Porsche, Firebird 400, and ‘57 Chevy. CLASSMATES: Sandy Swank, Ray Mahar, Tom Perkins, John Coll, and Danny Donahue SCORE: 1 point each

11)   Name the themes of our Junior Prom and Senior Ball. SCORE: 1 point each

12)   The most popular activity in the Senior Lounge was: SCORE 2 points

13)   We dedicated our senior yearbook to: SCORE: 3 points

  Father Bartlett
  Daniel Berrigan
  The cast of "Laugh-In"
  Bob Bradley
  Father O'Malley
14)   Name the two seniors who received the most “face time “(Activities, Sports, Candids and Senior Portrait) in the 1968 Accolade. SCORE: 1 point each

15)   The most memorable cafeteria food fight, nearly rivaling the one in "Animal House", was instigated by: SCORE: 2 points

16)   What was the name of the janitor who was so popular that the students protested and refused to leave the cafeteria when we heard that he was going to be fired? SCORE: 2 points

17)   In the class of 1968, which first name was the most popular? SCORE: 2 points

18)   How many students had unique first names? SCORE: 2 points

19)   Name our Theology teacher who protested the Vietnam War by chaining himself to the White House fence. SCORE: 2 points

20)   Most of our classmates would say that their experience at McQuaid had a truly profound and positive impact on the rest of their lives. SCORE: 10 points

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