Restore the Roar

The following has been forwarded from Jim Coombs

McCLATCHY HIGH SCHOOL IS 75 YEARS OLD!!!   IT'S TIME FOR A CELEBRATION !!!  At last, after 75 years, McClatchy is finally putting together a McCLATCHY SPORTS HALL OF FAME.  We have been meeting for a year, and decided to induct a class of 50 players, coaches, and five teams from the first 25 years into the CKM Sports Hall of Fame. (1938-1962). Next year, we will induct 50 more from the second 25 years (1963-1988).  The third year will pick up starting with 1989 and add any that we missed the first 50 years.

As part of the 75 year celebration, WE ARE HAVING A BANQUET ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 at the ELKS CLUB on Riverside to recognize the teams, athletes, families who are still alive.  Cost is $40.  The next night, the inductees will be introduced at half time of McClatchy's first football game at Hughes Stadium in many years.  Call your CKM friends now and let them know about these two big events.

We are looking for sponsors and classes of ex-athletes and ex-students to help support our first HALL OF FAME night.  (The infamous CLASS OF 69) is guaranteeing at least one and maybe two tables.)  If each class of ex-athletes/students could get a table of 10, we could have a great reunion and make this a yearly CKM event.  It is becoming harder and harder to find information about McClatchy athletics in the paper with so many schools, but McClatchy has had some great teams and athletes over the first 75 years.  It is time to begin recognizing them.

To honor all of the inductees, boards will be placed in the gym area with the names of the players and teams.  New members will be added yearly.  We have had many meetings this past year and debated the merits of each athlete, some we left off initially.  We do plan to go back and induct them later as we get more input from their peers.  

For more information about the 50 who have been chosen for the 75 year celebration, you can go to RESTORE THE ROAR.ORG. or watch for information in the Land Park and Pocket News.  I have already written one article that we will put in the Land Park News about the 1951-52 baseball team won 40 straight games.

We also need people to help us put on the event.  You can reach chairman Bob Sertich  (441-0657) or me at  (422-9082).  It has really been fun working on this project and look for articles in the LAND PARK NEWS every two weeks about the event.


Jim Coombs