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•   Melody Buzard (Hartley)  9/17
•   Mary Ann Jones  9/17
•   Kris Sather  9/16
•   Shelley Brown  9/16
•   Becky Schick (Tooley)  9/15
•   Colleen Thompson (Ackerman)  9/14
•   Jerry Aeschlimann  7/8
•   Kathy Jackson  6/16
•   Bob Gadach  5/15
•   Diane Solomon  3/1
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•   Sue Obermann (Abercrombie)  10/20
•   Bob "Orvil" Ivie  10/25
•   Bob Catalani (Catalani)  10/27
•   Lance Cooley  10/27
•   Tom Davis  10/27
•   Jim Stuller (Stuller)  11/3
•   Craig Poole  11/4
•   Pam Brown (Pence)  11/6
•   Cathie Ostrin (Daniels)  11/7
•   Rob Lauderdale  11/11
•   Paul Wulf  11/13
•   Steven Schaefer  11/14
•   Bob Gadach  11/16


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 41.4%

A:   205   Joined
B:   290   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)

South Salem High School
Class Of 1969
Our 50th reunion functions were held September 6 & 7, 2019

For reunion details, please click on the link "50th Reunion" found in the yellow column on the left of this home page. 


*PLEASE JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE: "South Salem Class of 1969 Reunion" Facebook group page is a place to stay connected with classmates and see photos taken during the reunion.  -Thank you Jody Miller Kishpaugh for creating the Facebook group page.


REMINISCING in 2009...

Our 40th class reunion was totally cool, far out, righteous and groovy!

We had a great turn-out for two nights of reunion festivities in 2009!  About 70 classmates showed up at DaVinci's on August 28th for no-host drinks and reminiscing.

The next night 100 classmates, spouses and a few interlopers shared dinner and memories at Rudy's at Salem Golf Club. Live music by "Freefall" brought down the house with classmate musicians Guy Greider, John Martin and Clark Blanchard (and drummer Ron Leach, Corvallis '69). They really rocked the stage!


See classmate comments and announcements below.



Thinking about what brought us together. Yes. SSHS 50th Reunion brought us together. But there is something that struck me more deeply. We are products of 1950's upbringing. Our core values developed from that era. Some of us have known each other since we can remember our earliest memories. Pretty crazy. 

The weekend came and suddenly we entered a room bringing all that energy with us. Mind blowing. It was so nice to see everyone find a friend from so long ago to share stories. 

Thank you to each of you for traveling from across the world and the four corners of the US. To the committee and anyone who lent a hand, thank you for working to make it all come together and for your energy to nail it! Both nights and the school tour were successes. 

Ritter's is grateful for your business. 

Until next time, be well and happy, 



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Thank you to the great group who worked so hard to bring this to fruition, I know it was part fun, part frustration but resulted in total joy.

Thank you to those who came, I did not get the opportunity to spend the time and truly visit with so many of you, but it made my heart happy to see you! Larry, Andy, Rowena, Judeen, Patty, Nancy, Barb, Jody, Darlene & Rod.....gosh I can’t list EVERYONE, but wish I could. I was on the fence as to whether or not to come, but so glad I did.

Kris Sather

In the summer of 1969, with mandatory public education behind me, I traveled to upstate New York on a pilgrimage to a celebration of music and community. The 3+ days of Woodstock truly set the tone of my life to follow.

- Ken Thiel

Hello class of 1969,
Searching the Internet I found this article about South Salem's production of "Oklahoma". Brings back great memories.

Sorry that it seems a bit chopped up, as it was text accompanying photos in a format I couldn't manipulate very well. Enjoy!

“Oklahoma” text from Statesman Journal 1969

The popular Broadway musical comedy, "Oklahoma ", opens a three-night run at Leslie Junior High School Auditorium beginning May 1. The show is being presented by South Salem High and is the first musical to be given in the 15-year history of the school. Laury Lee as Ado Annie and Bob Jones as Will are pictured in a scene while singing "I Can't Say No". When Will says to Ado Annie that "I gotta git a kiss an it's gotta be quick", Annie answers, "What's a girl to say when you talk that-a-way?” Playing leading roles in Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical comedy "Oklahoma", are Paula Bissell as Laurey, Dave Chinburg as Curly and Ed Whipple (in back), who portrays Jud Fry. The South Salem High production will be presented May 1, 2 and 3. In the scene, above, the everlooming figure of morbid Jud casts a shadow over the happiness of Laurey and Curly's newly discovered love in the song "People Will Say We're in Love". Bringing some "pretties" and "flirtation" into the hard life of the Oklahomans is Ali Hakim, the peddler, in a scene from "Oklahoma" to be presented by South Salem High School May 1, 2 and 3. Showing his wares to Aunt Eller, portrayed by Roz Gunnar, is Jeff Arnold as Ali Hakim. The public is invited to attend and tickets are available at South High, Meier and Frank and Stevens and Son.
Oklahoma' Opens and the halls at South Salem High School are ringing with hit tunes from Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical comedy, "Oklahoma". The show will be presented Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, May 1, 2 and 3, at Leslie Junior High Auditorium at 8 o'clock. This is the first musical to be presented in the 15-year history of the school and responsible for the production are five directors, Gary Frame, vocal; Mrs. Phyllis Quanbeck, drama; Peter Frajola, orchestra; Mike Hibbard, technical; and Milenia Huggins, student director. The "Oklahoma" cast includes 110 students, who are singing such song hits as "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' ", "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top", "Kansas City", "I Can't Say No", "People Will Say We're In Love", "All er Nothin" and "Oklahoma" as they walk through the South Salem halls. Over 250 students are involved in the entire production, including the costumes, properties and technical . staffs. ; TAKE LEADING ROLES Playing leading roles in the musical are Roz Gunnar, Dave Chinburg, Paul Bissell, Tom Davis, Rick Crawford, Bob Jones, Laury Lee, Ed Whipple, Jeff Arnold, Elaine Lair, Dave Smith and Tony Heriza. The three performances are open to the public and tickets may be obtained at South Salem High, Meier and Frank or Stevens and Son. The popular musical comedy was first presented on Broadway in 1943 and played for 12 years. Since then the show has been presented by schools, amateur and professional theatre groups across the country. (Sec III) Statesman, Salem, Ore., Sunday, April 27, 1969 Statesman Photos By JOHN ERICKSEN

I'm sorry to say I just learned that another classmate has passed away. John Thomas died Tuesday, February 6th, after a bike accident. John and family, including his twin brother Bob, all live in the Ashland area.

As graduation passes for the young ones I have to think back to our days. Who was at Ralph's beach for our senior skip days? What a great time, and graduation what a great day when we were no longer obligated to that Big old school and free to roam the world.  -Alan Burke