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08/13/15 10:06 PM #1    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

Chris Stuewe died in Vietnam.  I'm proud to have known him.  I'm sorry I have not been able to find a copy of his obituary.  If any of you know where a copy is available please let me know.  

Such a young life to be taken, but he proudly served his country.  My husband served there as well, in a war that not very many understood, to this day!  Thank you Chris, for your life, example, and friendship.  Rest In Peace.  

01/26/16 05:42 PM #2    

Marsha Draper (Fryer)

02/05/16 12:29 PM #3    

Dan Lediard

Seldom in our lives do we have a close friend who is indeed our "best buddy". We often over-use that word, and it can and does become somewhat insignificant. However, during my teen years I was truly blessed to have Chris as such a buddy who was so loyal and meaningful a friend. Words fail me at this moment as I am doing more feeling than thinking. During the many decades since Chris died I have experienced thousands of memories of our times together. These thoughts pop into my mind with no sense of "why" and yet they are mine to cherish. I openly admit to talking with Chris as he remains with us in a spiritual dimension - of which no one can well explain.  Yes, it is one of those "God" things.  I urge all people to talk with your buddy's who have died. I only refer to the death of their physical presence. Listen carefully and you might sense a connection? When you do connect don't quickly deny it. But rather cherish it as it is. In closing - why not cherish, love and honor all people who live and move and have their own being?  SHALOM Friends, Dan+   

02/06/16 10:45 AM #4    

Dave Robinson

Wow... what a moving and thoughtful tribute... Chris was a great guy.

02/08/16 03:21 PM #5    

Dan Lediard

It is a well overused expression, however, Chris Stuewe was indeed my best friend in High School, and in our activities at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in S.L.C..  We were both acolytes (altar boys) and we were also members of our Parish Youth Group Program. It is wonderful to remember our fun times together as we double-dated, cruised State Street at night (with no luck), as we both worked on my 56 Chevy (which Bob Don correctly told me was a "pig"), as we cut classes and headed for Brighton, as we ONCE (!) water-ballooned the hookers at "West 2nd South" one night, as we managed to get hold of a few beers and quickly realized they were "Utah Beerr!" (disgusting), as we told our parents we were headed for the downtown library at night so as to study (big fat lies!), and as we talked in great detail about our futures  -  going to college, tyring to avoid the "draft", why we both actually went to Church, why we both respecteds the girls we dated, why we had such good patience with "those people" - the Mormons, why we believed in God, and also about how good life was for us. Yes, we did discuss these things. I was extremely fortunate to get into the AIr Force Reserves up at Hilll AFB. Like a goofy kid I volunteered for assignment to the Air Police (Air Force version of M.P."s).  I was a good trooper and it broke my heart that Chris decided to let himself be drafted as opposed to signing up as a member of my Reserve Unit. They had an opening for Chris but he chose to be drafted.  As we know, Chris was killed in Vietnam by an "incoming round (a mortar) just prior to being sent home and discharged. At the memorial service my wife of about two months (Jody) and I were terribly shaken and heartbroken. Our tears were many and for many years afterwards I shed tears as I thought about Chris. Now, at almost age 69, I still feel sorrow about the loss of Chris and I look forward to reunitiing when we are both in the fully spiritaul realm of our existance. My/our oldest child's name is Daniel Christopher and the reasons are clear. Chris was what we might refer to as "the all American" type young man.  My life was and is different because of our steadfast friendship. And yes, "Thanks be to God."   

02/08/16 08:18 PM #6    

Scott Bennion

thanks so much for your insight and stories, dan.  i too joined the air national guard and trained as a security policeman so i wouldn't have to end up "over there".  your comments were very touching, and most necessary for such a great person.

02/09/16 08:50 AM #7    

Lynda Corak (Robinson)

Dan as we all felt and feel regarding Chris.  We love him so much.  I remember at the hospital when he was so sick, he asked me to throw him a nerf ball and he could not even squeeze it.  Then when he was drafted none of us could believe it.  His service was beautiful and gave us all consolation, but no answers.  When we visit his grave each year it is with great sadness to lose a friend so young.  I think we both have Christopher's that make the memory a blessing.  This is a great tribute to Chris and yourself!!  Thank you for putting into words what we feel.

04/26/16 10:55 AM #8    

Jay Edmunds

I won't say that I knew or remember Chris. I won't say that I ever will fully comprehend our involvement in Viet Nam. But I will say that while breaking bread with a South Vietnamese soldier, someone asked why he was fighting. Silently and with profound wisdom and hope he simply responded, "Freedom". 


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