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Residing In Reno, NV USA
Spouse/Partner Jo Anne (Jody) Lediard (we met early - January 1967) - Jody is an ordained Priest in the Episcopal Church. She is also a retired Reg. Nurse.
Occupation Finally -- a retired Priest in the Episcopal Church. Also a retired insurance agent after 35 years.
Children Three adult sons: Dan, Matt, Mark. All are married to great women, and they have combined seven children More…(GRANDCHILDREN!!!)
DOB: Sons -- Daniel Christopher 03/24/1972
Matthew Paul 12/08/1975
Mark Andrew 05/12/1978
Military Service U.S.A.F. Air Police (M.P.'s) Res - Hill A.F.B..  

Air Force Reserves Hill AFB 66-72

U. of U. - S.L.C.

Married: Jo Anne (Jody) Margerum Lediard Aug 30, 1969

University of Nevada Reno.

1975 became Self Employed Insurance Agent, Farmers Insurance: Reno Nevada and all of Nevada.

In 2006 I was ordained a Priest in the Episcopal Church/ Diocese Nevada.
After I retired from insurance I accepted the Position as Parish Rector at the Episcopal Church in Hermiston, Oregon (a small rural town in Eastern Oregon about the size of Elko (18,000 or so). After 5 years as their Parish Priest, I retired as Active Priest. Jody and I returned to Reno, to officially retire a second time so as to relax(??) a bit, and live near our 3 son's, their wives, and our seven grandchildren. All of whom live in the Reno area. -- While I served as the rector in Hermiston, Oregon, my wife (Rev. Jody -- She was ordained as a Priest in the Episcopal Church three years prior to my being ordained) - was asked, by the Bishop in Spokane, Washington to be the Priest-in-charge of a good size Episcopal Church in Kennewick, Wa. We moved to Kennewick, Wa., as our parishes were only about 29 miles away from the other. I officiated in Oregon and Jody officiated in Washington State. My commute was a scenic, freeway drive in open (irrigated!!) farmland. The highlight was almost a daily crossing over the Columbia River. In that area the Columbia River was / is about 3/4 mile wide. The West Coast is about 220 miles further West. Countless times I pulled over and simply watched the ocean-going barges being towed by huge ocean-going tugboats. And, YES!, I did my fair share of fishing for the salmon as they migrated to where they were originally born, for the annual spawning process. I still marvel at how a salmon can hatch in a tiny, mountain creek over two hundred miles from the Pacific Ocean; and when mature enough, migrate back to the Pacific Ocean where they would spread out, grow older -- and then - a few years later they would hook-up with millions of other salmon - so as to RETURN TO WHERE THEIR MOTHERS had laid her eggs (in a mountain creek far from the ocean). NOW, WE ARE DISCUSSING AN ANNUAL MIRACLE!! Ya think? --- That's enough of my selected memories.

School Story

Highland High School Graduated - 1966

Funniest memory. The Rams were always horny - or so they claimed. The 1966 Highland, girl cheerleaders, are said to still (avoid) thinking about those horny Rams they shared Study Hall with. ---- My Parental family moved from Miami Florida to Salt Lake City summer of 1961 (I was 14 years old at the time). My father had accepted a great corporate promotion and transfer to Utah. We lived near Foothill Village so I attended Hillside Jr. High - and then off to Highland.
The cultural differences were sometimes quite vivid, and yet I quickly grew to love living where we did, and to quickly call Utah my home. It is still HOME.

Jody and I have been blessed with much love, shared dreams, good health, and strong individual identities. For these and many others gifts we are most grateful. TBTG!

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Dear Classmates from 1966, Well, here we are, having led good lives and hopefully, we are in good condition in mind, body and spirit. I wish to acknowledge what a wonderful job (MINISTRY) Marsha Fryer has been sharing with all of us. As we know, a huge part of the responsibilities Marsha has blessed us with her dedication as she reattaches us, one to another. I especially appreciate the reality that all of our extended family death notices go to Marsha for her gentle disbursement to those of us who delight in keeping in touch with one another. In putting aside any theological leanings I acknowledge that what Marsha does, is indeed, one of her ministries - as she reconnects those of us who are still living in this dimension with our brothers and sister who have died before us. I find great comfort in knowing that each of us will be brought into a deeper relationship with our Creator, God. In some ways, what Marsha does for us is a gentle reminder of the Holy relationships we have with one-another. Again, Thanks Marsha! -- Shalom, Dan Lediard+

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Happy Birthday, Dan !!!
Wow I want more info on Lynda’s post !!
Have a great day & take care, Classmate !

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Happy Birthday, Dan !!!!!
Sounds like your dear wife raised the kids and Grandkids well !!!\
I'm sure you had a lot to do with it as well !!!
Take care Classmate and have a great day !!!

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Happy Birthday, Dan !!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day !!!!

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I'm not sure I miss the commercial, but for now: "Snap, Crackle and Pop" won't cease and desist? Oh yeah! Over in Sugar House was the famous: "Phil, Dan, and Andy too - they're the Carpet Trio. - And to wrap up my morning brain spasm I offer the infamous line from the song sung at the end of each Mickey Mouse Club T.V. program: "Why, because We like you!" I still think that Karen had Annette beaten "hands-down" for being the cutest Mouse-Cateer (SP?). --- Yikes! I believe Linda Corak Robinson knew of my powerful desires towards Karen even in my early teen years at Hillside?

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Dear Paul, I sincerely thank you for sharing you're being a man who just happens to be gay. I deeply appreciate all your comments, insights, honesty and integrity. I was raised in the Episcopal Church and it "screwed me up" so weirdly that I ended up being ordained a priest. My wife of 47 years, Rev. "Jody," is also an ordained Episcopal priest.
The unique culture in Utah was (and is?) quite "Polly-Anna-ish," if I might use such an expression. While I try to respect the religious views of the various religions - and the denominations within Christianity - I have huge issues with those which take the unstated-position that God loves all people - BUT - NOT THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE! I do believe that all people were and are somehow created by God - and in the image of God. That by itself cannot be defined by anyone, nor can it be "clarified with exceptions" by anyone. To be created as such is beyond any sense of full understanding. My wife and I both have many friends who are LGBTQ (I do have great problems in labeling anyone but in this case I'll have to let it ride.). This includes ordained clergy within the Episcopal Church. As we know, this does not make us any better than anyone else. Perhaps it is simply an acknowledgement of our innate sense of being? I think" Yes". --- Ii enjoyed reading of your "denominational cruise" as you were "looking" for what made sense - and for that in which you feel welcome, loved, and honored. TBTG! As you tried the "Episcopal" flavor you are aware of where our denomination has been and where (maybe?) we are going? I do laugh at this sentence as I have certainly heard and been told that the Episcopal Church is going to hell. My only "acceptable for print" response is: COOL! I am most thankful I somehow found your posting. Coincidence? Naaahh! My wife and I each have (preside at) our own parishes in Oregon and Washington State. I need to wrap this up as I've got to finish my sermon for tomorrow. With any luck I will appropriately find a place to throw out that: "My vision of God does not have a penis". Nor do I sense any other sexual indications. Before I cause my laptop to self-implode (perhaps it was made in Georgia or Arkansas?) I will end for now. If you care to respond and wish for some other mode of communication allow me to give you my e-mail address: danlediard@aol.com It would be good to communicate. Shalom, Dan Lediard+

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Hi Rick, We never took the opportunity to get to know each other while at HIghland, and we certainly hung around in different groups. The South Parking Lot smokers (the greasers?) made me a bit nervous -- and -- those with great leadership traits and profoundly good grades (such as you and many others) I needed to avoid as my self image lacked courage. Now more seriously, it has been great to follow you and many others as I (we) have been given a glimpse into the friendships of those who "danced to other drummers". I also appreciate being able to "pop-in" on your reunion-site and throw in a few comments and odd sense of humor. Thanks Rick, Dan Lediard.....

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Dear Friends, It was with much regret that I, along with my wife Jody could not attend the reunion. Jody's parents, both of them are in their mid-90's and both are closing in on their time with us, in this realm Both are now on Hospice care and this is indeed a blessing for those beautiful people. All of this takes place in the Reno, Nevada area. where we have lived since 1971. Jody and I are both ordained priests within the Episcopal Church, and we each "have" our own parishes. We live in Kennewick, Wa.. My parish is in Hermiston, Oregon, which is just 30 miles down the freeway from our home. Jody's parish is in Kennewick and it is about 2 miles from our home. Both of us are living out our ministries which both of us became aware of when in elementary school. Jody and I have both been traveling back and forth to Reno (640 miles) so as to be able to do what needs to be done, as well as tending to the emotional and spiritual needs of those who will soon be left behind. This absolutely includes Jody, her brother Mike and myself. Isn't the "bonding of love" such a beautiful thing? Millions may say "no - this is not true!" -- often times due to what has happened in their lives. May we do our best to love those God created people who hurt and suffer in their own private ways. Regardless of religious affiliations, our lack there-of. We are all sisters and brothers of God. --- To quickly summarize, my life has been good and for this I am deeply thankful. Being Jody's husband, and raising our three son's is a bountiful blessing, even though all three of ours sons are said to have inherited their "sense of adventure and goofy courage to try new and "questionable" things -- from their father. Let the world be thankful they inherited wisdom and common-sense from their mother. Our sons are married to wonderful women and their children (MY GRAND CHILDREN!!!) are all way above average. The girls are strong and the boys are all good looking. (yes, I swiped that from Prairie Home Companion). All are having good lives and successful happenings. Their individual ups-and-downs have all worked out and they know how to get up, kick off the dust, and stay in the race. T.B.T.G! ----- It has been such a pleasure to follow, and listen-in, on the conversation in the Highland Reunion 'web-site" (?). I have been quite surprised at all the memories which have surfaced. I am also honored by those who have written to me and shared some fun a memories. as well as telling me of some very nice things. To those of you who have thrown out a few compliments -- I thank you -- and I must tell you that "back at you!". All of you are beautiful people. I must mention two particular people who have been very important people in our lives long before we all graduated from Highland. They are Lynda Robinson and that handsome dude she is married to, and with -- Norman Robinson. I believe the old fart, Norm, graduated in 1964 or 1965? Lynda, especially, is a most beautiful, loving, accepting, faithful, and deeply spiritual person. Yes, Jody and I love them both. Besides, if Lynda had not let me see her correct test answers in our algebra class I would have possibly ended up never getting my diploma, and I might still be trying to get a G.E.D.? Beautiful people they are. Friends such as them are blessings. Well, lets make certain we clean up our lives (as needed and admitted) and do our best to live our lives based in love and compassion - for all people - including ourselves. Shalom, Dan+

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Hi Lynda, We are back in Reno. How can I send a single message to all those I missed at the reunion? Dan...

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