Frank Arthur Casebier

Profile Updated: February 14, 2015
Residing In: New York, NY USA
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Occupation: Marketing & Management Consultant
Children: Amanda Faith, born 1971
What have you been up to since you graduated?

Went to the Univ. of Texas at Austin and studied law, philosophy and government. Married Mary Lyn Behrens of Columbus, TX and
she gave birth to our daughter, Amanda, a geologist, also from UT, who is now living in Perth, Australia. I practiced consumer or poverty law in Austin for a few years, got divorced and went off to New York City to write the "Great American Novel." While
so engaged, I worked for some of the world's largest companies
as a planning consultant, but in fallow periods worked as a chef, high-speed waiter and bartender, mostly in Irish pubs and Greek-style restaurants. I finally finished the novel last year (2011), writing under the nom de plume, Arthur van Kaseman, and
am now busy promoting it all over the world, via the internet. It's called THE MITOSIS HEGEMONY/TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century and is a hi-tech sci-fi thriller about the impact of AI on a Global Warming-ruined world circa 2020. I call it my "neo-utopian" or "techno-utopian" novella, because it contains a positive vision for the future. In conjunction with the publication of the novel, by, a division of Amazon, I founded The Mitosis Society of Wilmington, DE which is basically an online bookstore devoted to topics of humanism and futurology. Other than that I've just been hanging out, watching the world go by!

Did you have a favorite teacher at Lee? If so, how did he/she influence your life?

Her name was, I believe, Ms. Bobby Abbott, from Refugio, TX,
which we always mispronounced, and she caused me to think about writing (as in journalism) as a possible career choice. I had a great time my senior year working with her and Ms. Cheri Crap-
ster and Ivri Kumin on the Bugle Call and the Traveler!

School Story:


Do you have a 'bucket list'? What's on your list? What have you been able to cross off and what do you still want to do?

Well, I came to New York and "saw the elephant." I'm not a
big traveler, but due to family circumstances I had lived in Ft.
Stockton, where I'm from; in Midland, where my dad practiced law until his death; in Dallas, where I went to Highland Park High School; in Mineola (Go Yellowjackets!) up in deep East Texas,
where my mother was from; then back to Midland for my sophomore year; then to San Antonio, where my cousin, Cecil,
was a well-known artist and where I attended Alamo Heights (junior year) and Robert E. Lee High Schools (graduated, 1963).
Then I went to Austin where I lived for 16 years, then I moved to Houston for a few months and it was off to New York! I've had
enough of moving! But I would like to see mainland Europe, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland before I kick. The only
trip on my agenda at this point, however, is to Epcot Center this winter. The Mitosis Society plans to build a similar futuristic attraction in Upstate New York along the eastern banks of the Hudson River and I hope to get some ideas from this trip.

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Bon jour, madame! I was your news editor at the Bugle Call and copy editor at Traveler!
Whatever happened to journalism teacher Bobby Abbott from Refugee(!)?

May 26, 2014 at 3:59 PM

Thanks for the note! Pardon my late reply! Still very busy here in the Big Apple--Frank

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