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09/20/18 03:55 PM #40    


George Saldamando

Cathy, what a beautful article,reminding us about our special past. Those were great days, University Lanes, Campus Drive-in, A&W, ice sliding at Presidio Park after the football games and much more. Remember when it snowed, as we were allowed out of class to see this strange stuff falling all over campus. Your article makes us all smile and proud that we all lived in a time when everyone saluted our flag and stood for our National Anthem. Hope to see you at our 50th reunion!!! George Saldamando

09/20/18 08:25 PM #41    

Cathy Felice (Brundage)


thank you Crawford Colts  ... I am felling a bit  verklempt... 

We will miss our absent classmates but looking forward to our 


09/26/18 06:36 PM #42    


Terril (Terry) Shewmaker

Hello, all -                                                                                                                                                                  

Will be thinking of all of you, as final hours count down to The Weekend That Took 50 Years To Get Here!

Special thoughts going out to Montezuma Elementary, Class of 1962 (you know who you are) - with whom I got to finish 6th grade, and where my own San Diego story began.  The last time (Thank God) I would ever be introduced as "the new girl in school..."                                                                                                               

Hope the weather will have turned nicer, by wkend (it's June Gloom, NOT "Fall Pall")...                                        

Know that I'll be around, in spirit (4 yrs+ cancer-free, BTW...and counting!)...                                                         

Best, Terry S  wink






09/27/18 10:26 AM #43    


Suzanne Hill (Turnbow)

Sorry you won’t be there at the reunion Terry. But good for you for “keeping your head up” after cancer.  ‘At-a-way’ girl!  -Suzanne Turnbow (Suzie Hill)


09/28/18 10:43 AM #44    


Terril (Terry) Shewmaker

As this weekend at last begins, another elementary-school story, if I may...

Three elementaries before Montezuma, there was Arroyo Elementary, up in Pomona (where most of my maternal relatives, including my British great-grandparents - who came to Canada and then California more than 100 yrs ago - are buried)...

My mother (92 yrs young!) and I were there in April for a family funeral; and the next day, before driving back to SD, we went looking for the house we'd lived in and I wanted to see my old elementary school (knew from its website that it was still there)...                                                                                                                            

I must tell you, it was a moment to set eyes on that house and that cul-de-sac again - 61 years to the month since we'd moved into it.  We met the current owner, a very friendly fellow named Kendrick, and showed him the B&W photos we'd brought along from family scrapbooks, that clearly showed the five of us (as we were then) living there.  Only my mother and I still remember it, though (siblings were too young).  He called his neighbors over to see, too!  We felt almost like celebrities.  The housing tract was remarkably intact, and those big shade trees (you need 'em, for a hot Pomona summer!) either were little sprouts or perhaps not even planted yet, back around 1957-59 or so... 

Yes, I promised an elementary-school story.  Here it is: 

From home, I used to ride my bicycle over the then-San Bernardino Fwy (now Interstate 10) every am to get to school; so it was a lot easier with a car and a Triple-A map!  It was a Saturday, so school was not in session as we pulled up.  I was taken aback, to see how mostly-intact it still was, how well it jibed with my memories.  A few things were different, though - notably, and sadly, the black metal fencing that surrounded it, that nobody would've ever thought necessary back then.  Pity.  I would've liked to walk around campus a little...                                                        

As sad as it is, here in 2018, to know that Montezuma is long-gone (though its footprint remains) and Jackson eventually closed (unsure about Darnall, where my sibs also went for awhile) - it's comforting to me to know that at least one of the five elementaries (and one jr high) I went to between nursery-school and 6th grade is still in existance for students to come to, and make (and hopefully keep) friends, and to learn...                                                                                                                                                                       Something to consider, perhaps, about this ever-inconstant world of ours; as this weekend at last begins...                                                                                                                                                                                 Best, Terry S  






09/30/18 07:28 PM #45    


Nancy Moore (Falconer)

Can someone direct me toward where I may look online for photos of the reunion this weekend along with any Facebook postings.

10/01/18 07:41 AM #46    


Scott Shaw!

Nothing really “makes” a 50th high school reunion quite like having Cindi Mitton screaming “SHUT UP!!!” Into a microphone at a room full of her Crawford classmates.

10/01/18 07:44 AM #47    

Beverly Robbins (Lachman)

I posted a lot of pictures from Friday and Saturday night on my Facebook. Search for me at Beverly Robbins Lachman. I tagged who was who...just click the tag icon in the upper right hand corner of each picture. Sorry but you’ll have to scroll thru all my other postings to get to the reunion pics. 

10/01/18 10:53 AM #48    

Greg Estep (Treasurer)

Here are several URLs for pictures of the event.

You may need to friend this person to see the pictures.[0]=68.ARDKbYAVBxDHRuk9bb6xUGLKs8ecXwXsNO4iCkvIT3Hy1JqyWyl8AtIxwL7At4kgbCpSxfDcan5SY4fXgB3OkLsFUL4ZNGoaFYqRskjaANgIQamfNj1-iCNDyUJHefW6kwf45s2aOEHbMutK0E9FS4j04DkZYPAGwHTYdAPA_0YbDVW5pJ71YbHyOfrS2eKWoD0ND7iP_ibEY0aXqCziIiu-xQ4cdeLs00R34PICzA&__tn__=lC-R


10/01/18 03:24 PM #49    

Beverly Robbins (Lachman)

I didn't realize that if you weren't a FB friend of mine that you wouldn't see the pictures I posted from the Reunion. It's now been corrected so they are public. Look for the Crawford 50 Years Reunion album.


10/01/18 06:18 PM #50    


Nancy Moore (Falconer)

Thank you, Greg Estep, for the URL's and thank you, Beverly Robbins (Lachman) for posting some pictures of classmates who attended the reunion. Much appreciative.

10/02/18 09:18 AM #51    


Becky Overton (France)

To The Reunion Committee:

I just want to thank you all, again for the planning, effort and hard work you put in on our behalf to ensure such a successful reunion event. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I had such a good time, just seeing so many of our "old" classmates and finding out what they are doing now. A great big THANK YOU TO THE COMMITTEE for everything... It was a fabulous runion!  You did a fabulous job.  We ALL truly appreciate what you do! 


Becky Overton France


10/02/18 10:09 AM #52    

Laurie Peterson (Pieratt)


I would like to thank Greg Estep, Cindy, Irma & the other committee members for a first class reunion!  Cindy, thank you for opening your home, once again, for a fabulous pre reunion party!  Mike & I always enjoy the casual atmosphere, yummy food and  catching up or re-acquainting with so many.  Really was a fun time!    Saturday night was truly, first class!  Thankyou dear committee for pretty much thinking of everything; from this easy to navigate website, to great music, picture name tags, nice venue, In Memory Of table, cute props for photo taking, videographer and much more- awesome night!  What a pleasure to visit with so many of you and your spouses, who were brave to accompany you!!

I’m looking forward to turning 70!! together in two years at Cindy’s home!  Thanks again Steve and Committee!! 

Fondly, Laurie Pieratt

















10/02/18 11:35 AM #53    

Greg Estep (Treasurer)

Jon Sussman with Pete Snyder and Jim Smith

10/03/18 07:19 AM #54    


Suzanne Hill (Turnbow)

Thanks to everyone who was involved with all the planning for this terrific 50th Reunion.  It was a treasure to remember. Especially thank you to Greg, Cyndi, Irma and so many helpers who made it all so enjoyable. You are awesome people! - Suzanne Turnbow (Suzie Hill)

10/03/18 11:33 AM #55    

Cathy Felice (Brundage)

Dear Reunion Committee,

Thanks for your selfless efforts to create  a  memorable 50th reunion.  I talked about our reunion the entire 6-hour ride home to Arizona.  Our reunion was happy, poignant, sweet. silly, heartfelt, and simply wonderful. Thank you for making it all happen.

heart Cathy Felice Brundage

10/04/18 10:57 AM #56    


Kathy Keeyes (Antus)

My heartfelt thanks to the committee for the fabulous and memorable 50th Reunion party, both Friday and Saturday evening.  Everything was perfectly orchestrated and it all went off without a hitch.  Kathy Keeyes


10/05/18 07:55 AM #57    

James (Jim) Clarke

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for your acknowledment of our efforts. Being on the committee was reason to keep an open eye, and kind of overviewing the whole two days to make sure that it was as good as we could pull off. Everybody on the committee was so commited to doing a great job, and it clearly paid off.

10/25/18 06:05 PM #58    

Lanny Howarter


Cathy.......What an awe-inspiring message that we can all relate to, over and over and over again!  Your chronicle brought back so many memories, some we'd like to forget, but many more we always want to remember. Thank you and best wishes to the talented girl who provided me with many of my fondest high school memories!!

10/27/18 03:29 PM #59    

Cathy Felice (Brundage)


Thank you for your kind remarks.  How wonderful to see  you and our other class

members at our 50th.  We were very Blessed to have enjoyed our childhood & youth

in such an idyllic Environment ... see you in 2 years for our 70th birthdays ! 



02/09/19 05:53 PM #60    


Dahlia Bokow (Zalk)


An update on my daughter, Tracy....

I wanted  to thank everyone who is wearing a ‘Team Tracy’  bracelet.  All the prayers are very much appreciated. This is a post her husband posted on Facebook on Friday. 

Team Tracy update #2: It is official- Dr has deemed Tracy “Cancer Free”!!! No residual cancer in any form found during surgery!! Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, meals, calls, texts, emails, friendship, love and support. She could not have made this journey without you all behind her, especially our incredible family Jerry Cox, Stacey Cox LaViola, Dahlia Zalk, Frank LaViola, Lynn Cox, Cindy Cox, Caring Kimi, Craig Rolling, Rachelle Rowland, Kellen Rolling,  Bryce Rolling!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

02/10/19 11:19 AM #61    

Ann Germeraad (Cline)

Thank you for keeping us posted, Dahlia.  Life is short.  We all have so much for which to be thankful.

02/10/19 05:08 PM #62    


Scott Shaw!

That’s great news, Dahlia. We’re all so happy and relieved for you and your family.

02/11/19 06:09 PM #63    

Debbie Singer (Kaplan)

That's Great News.  Please give her my best.  

02/12/19 08:34 AM #64    

Cathy Felice (Brundage)

Thanks for sharing your good news. God bless. 



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