Why you should go


38 Reasons to Attend your 35th Reunion!

1. Because You Still Can!

Life is short...
Each day and milestone should be celebrated!

 2. Because you're never too cool for your high school friends.
(and you'll be missed if you do not show up!)

3.Your family is tired of hearing your stories and
you want to relive them with someone who actually cares!

4. Ummm…who else is gonna fill in the blanks to your slipping memory? Thank goodness for name tags!


 5. If we get a good turnout, we're gonna take a group picture in the form of a 30

 6. You can share a drink with your friends without having to
sneak into the bars.

7. Because you still think you have a crush on..
(umm, wait, don't think anyone can remember!)

8. If you don't show up, we'll assume you still have big/long or even no hair.
But, no one really cares about your hair! 

They want to see you!

 9. You know you really want to!
(it just might be fun!)


10. Hey…Who cares if we don't fit into our old bellbottoms?
Ya gotta stay huggable!
Friends just want to see you!

11. Network! Network! Network!

It's a small world and you will be surprised at how many wonderful "coincidences" life really holds!

12. Because you're still upset that you were only voted runner-up forsomething...
(but we really can't remember!)

13. Enjoy an evening out without the Grandkids.
Don't worry, you might even be home before curfew or
the late evening news...


14.You've always wondered what happened to...


15. Show off your pictures
(of your family,kids,grandkids, hot date,pets,car, vacations, etc!)!

16. Renew old friendships.
There's really nothin' like an"old"old friend!

 18. Renew not so old friendships, meet new friends!

19. Get the latest gossip, as well as can be remembered.

20. Because if you don't show up, you might be the subject of that gossip
(if anyone can

 21. See and be seen.

(because we might not remember, but it's fun to people watch!)

22. See if that old crush is still what you thought they were,
or as you thought you remembered!

The more some things change, the more some things stay the same...
and the fun is in trying to figure out the difference between the two!

23. Because you're curious and you HAVE to know what everyone has been doing for the last 30 years.  

24.Did we mention there would be lots of FUN??

25.You Love Reunions!

26.You have nothing better to do.

(sitting or napping on the couch doesn't count...) 

27. Because you want to go where everyone knows your name...
(they just can't always remember!!!)

 28.To talk about the "Good ol’ Days"!
When we were "young", carefree and life seemed so simple...
(...From what we can remember!) 

29. You’ll laugh, cry and reminisce with some of your oldest friends.    

  30. We're going to play music that you "remember"
(bring on the real music!) and maybe even understand,
Music that you can actually dance to! 

 31. Even if you didn't even like school, don't fret about it,
you'll most likely find something to laugh about now
after all these years!!

32. Because you know you really want to!

33.You don't have to lie about your age.

(well you can try, but some will catch on...
Even if we did officially turn into our parents!) 

34. Did we mention there would be lots of fuN?? 

35. It gives you a chance to humor those who have tried to plan these things...deluded die-hards that have hope that somewhere, some how it is going to make a difference...

36. Because some of us want an excuse to go back "Home"....
if only for a weekend!

37. Because we really want to see you!!!!

Who knows when there might be another reunion!!? 

38. And finally, studies have shown that those who were initially hesitant about attending their reunions,
discover it was The Event that they wouldn't have missed!

LIFE Happens...
Get up,
Get dressed,
Show up...