A 70's Montage

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1. Catch ya on the flip side

2. Do me a solid

3. Boogie Down

4. Psyche!

5. Brick House

6. Stop dippin' in my kool-aid

7. What a fry

8. The Man

9. Spaz

10. Cool beans

11. 10-4, good buddy

12. Take a chill pill

13. Sit on it

14. Space cadet

15. Out to lunch

16. Bogue / Bogus

17. Skinny

18. Lay a gasser

19. To the max!

20. Stella


Enjoy this slideshow of all things 70's, including music and TV


A tribute to TV shows of the 1960's [Oh yes, you're old enough to remember.]


Like Muscle Cars? Watch this video montage and listen to the song from "Easy Rider" by Steppenwolf

(Remember, Steppenwolf lyrics to "The Pusherman" were quite often censored.)



At the 2008 SSHS graduation ceremonies, this giant penis thought it would be funny to run out on stage and spray silly string.... 

...Mr. Penis was subsequently arrested for Disorderly Conduct.  







 Toys of the 70's



The cause of earworms

Mommma Mia I'm a Dancing Queen!


Candy of the 70's

Candy Cigarettes


A little something to wash down those chips



R.I.P. Uncle Jim


1962 -  Bottom left, front row.....is that??


 ....Tim Cudney?  Nah!


Top 10 Rock Songs of the 70's 



Need a haircut?


Anti-drug poster of the 70's


 Ancient Computer Technology


 "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."
- Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977


Gas coupon from the 1970's gas rationing period



 The Babe Magnet

 The original Ford Pinto car emblem


Every teenager's dream car

Disco Night


The Rafters, circa 1977



Life Magazine 1975


The Best of SNL


 Boogie Fever

Rich Couture's Leisure Suit




Got a quarter?


 Got Fluff?


 It cures wait ails ya


Dancin' Shoes



Bob Deasy dancin' shoes



 A Kodak Moment




The Rotary phone


Early Boom Box

Hi-tech 8 track