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10/15/16 09:55 AM #8    

Arthur Klein

I agree that December really isn't the best time for a get together.  There is so much going on for everyone with Christmas and shopping, etc. that Mikes idea seems much more feasible.  

Emily (Kutz) Klein 



10/15/16 11:45 AM #9    

Robert Wilock

I would love to attend but the timing is very bad. 

Not only is it winter in Schenectady (and I remember what that can be like), but it is a week before Christmas. 

I agree a better time would be when the weather is more likely to be good and us "out-of-towners" might be able to attend. What about late spring -- May or early June?

If it goes on as scheduled I wish all who attend good health and have a great time. 

10/15/16 04:03 PM #10    

Diane Gabriel (Wolfe)

Diane Gabriel Wolfe

I agree.  December is a difficult month to have a shopping, attending and hosting local parties, attending grandchildren's concerts, possible inclement weather for traveling and most importantly.................10 lb. weight gain from Thanksgiving!

10/15/16 05:43 PM #11    

Carol Nelson Richards (Sarasin)


I agree with you. I probably would not be able to attend in December what with concerts, shopping, family events,and  parties in Massachusetts.  September, however, is a beautiful and easy month to travel.  I am hoping that we reset the date for a major reunion to September.

Carol Richards Sarasin






10/15/16 09:57 PM #12    

Hannelore Herrmann (Clayton)

Bad choice for a reunion.  It's a challeng to travel at that time of year.  The 50th was enjoyable.  Please consider planning an event in late Spring or mid-autumn (stay away from cold winter or hot humid summer.

Lorie Clayton (Herrmann)

10/16/16 01:43 PM #13    

Patricia Rogowicz (Czelusniak)

Would prefer September for a reunion.  We are snowbirds and leave the northeast around the end of November.  September would be better all the way around, and I agree with everyone else's reason for the change of date.  Thanks for taking these reasons into consideration.

10/17/16 04:54 PM #14    


Leonard Montorio



For many  years, Ricky Mont, has organized a group to meet for lunch at The Grog Shoppe during the holidays.  As this is our 55th. year since graduation from Linton, we thought it would be a good ideal to expand our celebration, meet at a different venue and post the occassion on our web site.  We know that mostly local grads will attend, as usual, but we wanted to invite all Linton '61 alums who would like to celebrate with us if they could.

Your Committee

10/18/16 08:06 AM #15    


Michael Piccolo

Len that is fine but do what you all want, call luncheon the 55th holiday reunion and in September of 2017 have full blown reunion and it will be our 56th year reunion due to planning difficults!  :)

10/18/16 10:53 AM #16    

Hannelore Herrmann (Clayton)

Perhaps a full reunion event with the "traditional " components - came from the farthest, most children, and other statistics.  Combine 1960, 1961 & 1962 classes.  

The 50th a was well planned weekend event.  Make the travel worthwhile.  Even Faulkner didn't want to have dinner with JFK because it was a hundred miles to travel.  😎

10/18/16 06:20 PM #17    

Betty Keenan (Malavase)

I like the idea of meeting in the fall.       I really miss the beautiful colors of the leaves. We don't have those bright oranges and reds here in Texas. Fall is usually when we visit the Northeast because of the folliage and cooler weather. It would be great to see everyone and catch up.Betty Ann Keenan Malavase

10/19/16 11:38 AM #18    

Robert Wilock

I agree with a fall option.

Perhaps, the date might even be on a weekend when there is a "home" football game. If folks want to go to the game, that's fine. If they don't , that's OK too. It would be optional, but if someone is going to travel anyway, an extra night stay might be something they would want to do. 

10/19/16 11:44 AM #19    

Sandy Levine (Schwartz)

Hey Mike P.  Don't  think the committee needs/wants your approval or disapproval.  They have  worked very hard and have done just fine planning events in the past.  Can't please everybody and there is plenty of time to schedule another reunion for the future.smiley

10/19/16 08:23 PM #20    


Michael Piccolo

Sandy I hope you are right!yes

10/20/16 09:39 AM #21    

Sandy Levine (Schwartz)

Mike P. ,  If you have no confidence in their ability to plan another event, then I suggest that you volunteer to be on the committee, instead of just hoping the event will be everything you want.

10/20/16 10:29 AM #22    


Leonard Montorio


Your October 15th comments are appreciated, however, the sentence saying "Do it right!!!!" is not appropriate and offensive to me and to the committee members.  We have organized these reunions for years, along with some picnics and get togethers with no help from you, only critcism.  Positive idea's and healthly advice are welcome but a comment like yours is insulting.

Therefore, next time why don't you take charge and "Do it right!!!!" yourself.

10/21/16 08:18 AM #23    


Michael Piccolo

Enough now My original post was meant to do a full type reunion next fall like you all did a wondreful Job on in 2001 & 2011.  That was what the do it right meant.  It was not intended or implied the committee wasn't doing a good job.  You have always done a GREAT JOB.  Lenny forgive my choice of words. 

09/17/21 03:27 PM #24    

Dick Fetter

I was unable to attend our 50th reunion, because one of my sons was getting married that weekend. I plan to be at the 60th and have been in contact with Selma Cohen (Kunitz) about who is planning to attend. When I mentioned that several people I was hoping to see were not on the list of signups, she said "Who?" and I mentioned Frank Goldberger, Carl Heiner, Dick Lane, Paul Lawrence, Bob Whitaker, Nick Capra, Sue Silverman, Carol Nelson/Richards, Ellen name was leading to another and Selma said, "Why don't you post a message saying so? So, since I usually listen to my elders (Selma by one day), here it is. I hope you and so many others will be there. I noticed with regret that some whom I had hoped to see, like Mike Piccolo, have passed on. Mike lived down the street from me and at our 40th reunion we recalled playing baseball together and how he was in the Life Magazine article about Schenectady winning the Little League World Series in 1954. The caption of the picture described his "sliding his 80 pounds into second base." I don't know about the rest of you, but this could very well be my last time in Schenectady. The last of my family is long since gone, so there is little to bring me back there on a regular basis anymore. I would look forward to seeing those of you I haven't seen in 20 years, if not 60.

09/18/21 07:55 AM #25    

Sue Silverman (Conlin)

Thanks Dick! It would be wonderful to see you again! I am still thinking about it, but moving more towards moving things on my calendar and sending that check! Thanks for the nudge.  Now we need to get all those other people you mentioned - and so many more - to attend,  Who's on Facebook?  


09/18/21 08:51 AM #26    

Sue Silverman (Conlin)

I'm registered for the 60th Reunion! It may be the last time we see some of our friends - will you be there?

Thanks for the nudge Dick Fetter and Selma Cohen.

09/19/21 05:56 PM #27    

Dick Fetter

Hi Sue,


09/19/21 05:58 PM #28    

Dick Fetter

Hi Sue, great that you're coming! Yes, I'll be there. Look forward to seeing you! Dick

11/01/21 02:40 PM #29    

Dick Fetter

Len, Thank you for sending the tragic news about Jerry. He was, in no small way, very responsible for my makng it back to the reunion last month and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to thank him for that. His passing, if indeed it was due to covid, is a brutal reminder that we are far from putting this crisis behind us. Dick

11/02/21 08:34 PM #30    


Norman Ehrentraut

Jerry and I have been e-mailing ea other for many years. He was a great friend in school and all

the years after. His passing is a great loss and will be mmissed. I will miss hin.


11/02/21 08:50 PM #31    


Norman Ehrentraut

I'm sorry i missed the 60. I was coming had plane tickets and everything paid and then my heart

started beating at a rate of 170 and my pressure was 40. I had a bunch of test that were during the

60, so I did'n make it. My heart turned out to be fine. If we have a 65 or 70 I'll try to make it again.


11/07/21 09:03 AM #32    

Sue Silverman (Conlin)

So sorry to hear about Jerry. What a sad way to end his trip East. He was so instrumental in putting the 60th reunion together, and he eanred out gratitude for doing all that work. I will continue to keep his family in my thoughts as I send comfort.


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