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Occupation: Location Manager/Film Producer

This website is terrific! Thanks for all your time and hard work putting this together and updating our own website. Our class rocks!

Classmates You Still See Regularly:

Pat McAfee
Brenda (Henderson) Spivey
Susie (Stern) Turiel
A few others, too

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Mar 12, 2018 at 4:33 PM

I agree with Greg.  Certainly, I wasn't the most artistic kid in Mr. Krabill's class, but I surpassed what I thought myself capable of creating.  More than that, he gave the joy of art appreciation that I still have today.  One of his assignments was to see if we had any original art in our home.  When I asked my mom, she was rather surprised (and insulted?) -- all of art was original.  I owe them both for my love of art. 


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Mar 12, 2018 at 3:44 PM

Posted on: Mar 09, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Thanks, Jan. Of course I should have remembered Miss Kanas.
Hope all is well with you.

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Apr 27, 2020 at 7:40 PM

Posted on: Mar 08, 2018 at 10:29 PM

With the release of the movie “A Wrinkle in Time,” who in my 6th grade class at Onaway remembers our teacher reading us this book? How could we forget Meg, Calvin and IT?! The book made such an impact on me and others at that time. And, what was the name of our teacher? (Our Onaway 6th grade class photo was posted in my Photo Gallery on an earlier date.)

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Aug 16, 2016 at 12:01 PM
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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
"Oh, Onaway School is the best school I know of ...." How many Onaway Kindergarten kids can you identify?
Answer (With the help of Jim Kramer & Jeff Kramer & my failing memory):
Front Row: Jim MacCutcheon; Barry Schwartz; John Broder ?; Jack Morton
2nd Row: Mara Unger; Wendy Gray; Avis Rosendale; Debbie ?? ; Robin Dunlap; Nancy Sugarman
3rd Row: Carolyn Sturges?; Gregg Golenberg; Donald Rolf; David Carstenson; Leslie Obert; Jimmy Wolen; Gary Hutzel
Back Row: Jeff Moore; Jeff Kramer; Jim Kramer; Doug Cole
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Onaway 6th Grade Class.
Who was our Teacher?
Top Row: Seth Landefeld; Wendy Gray
2nd Row: ?? ; Linda Woodruff; Billy Dors(sp?); Katie MacIntyre; Jeff(?) Kramer
3rd Row: Beth Young; Nancy Beckemeyer
4th Row: Jeff Adler; Jan Bolz; Gregg Golenberg; Cheryl Bray; Ralph Hexter
5th Row: Cathy Norhelm (sp??); Joe Rock; Claire Lochner
6th Row: Jeff Moore; Shirley Humiston (I have the same bow in my hair as Shirley.)