2008 Reunion Pic's

Scroll down slowly as there are over 100 pictures.  But first, here are the credits:

Special Thanks to the following for making Class 68 Reunion a Success:

Pictures have been provided by:

  • Bob Higgins
  • Debbie Haston (Massey) 
  • Lolly Farrar (Watson)
  • Judy Stewart (Day)
  • Brenda Cook (Sanderson) (Must See: 1959 Picture)
  • Janet Grooms
  • Gerald Baker

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  • Lolly Farrar Watson for leading, organizing the effort to make the Reunion possible
  • Connie Cartwright Miller and Sara MaKay Woods for working on the menu, location, and bar set-up. 
  • Melininda Milton for chairing decorations and her committee of Marilyn McCallie Morgan, Debbie Smith Allred, Barbara Smith Barnes, and Brenda Naron Sullivan.
  • Floy Bobo Baker, Carolyn Bobo Hill, and Debbie Haston Massey for manning the entry table.
  • Jeanie Bearden Phillips for inviting teachers
  •  Brent and Judy Stewart Day for planning a memorial table/memorial wall
  •  Phyllis Philyaw Melton for designing nametags and the directory
  •  Lila Collier Beasley for organizing the creation of the CD
  • Bob Higgins for being our official photographer.
  •  Ron Bell for handling the financial end and organizing golf.
  •  Mickey Self McLean for Saturday's shopping spree.
  • Barbara Bass Boone and Connie Cartwright Miller for taking charge of mailings.
  • Gerald Baker and Roby Cogswell for directing clean-up.
  • Debbie Smith Allred and Brenda Sanderson for securing entertainment.



 Just sitting home on this Saturday night and thinking what a great time we had last Saturday night! Applause! Applause!! to all who worked so hard on it.  We really are all 18 inside!  Thanks again to all classmates who made the big effort to fly or drive great distances! To heck with gas prices!!! Wasn't it worth it to go back to high school again. Thanks again everyone! I LOVE the web site idea! Laura Whitehead Horn

It was terrific seeing everyone again after so many years, catching up with families, careers, and lives lived well.  Thanks again to all whose plans and efforts made it such a great party. It WAS easy to feel like we were eighteen once more, but somehow even better.   Dorothy Fox Hilliard

“I didn't want to be just another email, giving kudos to the planners of the fabulous class reunion but... I have no choice.  It was the high point of my year and I can't thank everyone enough for giving us a night to remember.  It's like we where all 18 and back in 1968.  All I could think about was growing my hair, getting the band back together and getting a motorcycle...but that's me.  No words can express what you all mean to me and I'd like to thank you all for having such an impact on my life”.    John Nichols


“It was wonderful to see all of you who could attend the reunion. We missed those of you who were unable to be with us. To Lolly and all involved in putting the reunion together, I applaud your effort. It was a joy to see you all again….Thanks for the old memories and the new ones. May God bless you all.”   Randy Carroll


I truly had a wonderful time. I have enjoyed all of our reunions, but there was something special about this one. It probably had to do with the anticipation created by Lolly’s updates and the correspondence among our classmates prior to the weekend. The old pictures and the memorial wall also served to make this reunion one to remember. I look forward to seeing the pics taken Saturday night and to receiving my disk with all of the pictures. Thanks Lolly and all others who had a part in putting the reunion together. I was a little surprised that while many of our classmates seemed to have changed quite a bit when I first met them, they seemed to look almost like they did in  their high school days before the evening was over (and I wasn’t drinking!). I look forward to occasional updates and to our next reunion.”    Gerald Baker


“WASN'T IT GREAT TO FEEL 18 AGAIN!  Despite the wrinkles and aches and pains over the last 40 years, just seeing everyone and dancing to songs I remembered every word to, melted all those years away.  It seemed like we classmates were closer friends after all this time, having gone our separate ways and coming together again 40 years later.  I had the time of my life and owe it ALL to you!”   Donna Hall Edens


“Seeing everybody really gave me a much needed boost. Something good to think about for a change and a warm fuzzy feeling. Lolly and the Gang did a wonderful job on everything. Connie Miller, you are still amazing.   Larry Crow and Debbie Smith, I missed you both and all others that we called by name that weren’t there.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you that are sick or have health issues with your spouses.   Porter Hardison, you need to keep fighting, I know it is rough, but you can do it. Diane Callahan, you  are in our thoughts, we missed you. Lolly is right about the “Old Friends” .   Thank you Lolly and Eddie,Phylis and Chad, You are so special. Love to all.”  Rhea Lawell Jernigan


“Brent and I are still flying high from the reunion.  What a great night.  We loved seeing everyone.  We read every word in the directory on the long drive back to Missouri--twice.  We were listening to the 60's station on satellite radio and realized it is only 60 months till the next reunion!”  Judy Stewart Day & Brent Day


“I have to agree with everyone else.  Lolly and ALL the ones who did so much work on this event really did a great job!  It was such a fun evening and I think that we should definitely do this again in five years.  I enjoyed seeing everyone and the ones who couldn't make it this year will hopefully be able to get there next time.  The e-mail addresses should help us stay connected - let's do.”   Jeanie Bearden


“The old saying “You can’t go back” isn’t true.  When you do go back, it’s different.  Some of you I recognized but there was so many that I didn’t.  I guess 40 years since seeing each other caused a little “memory lapse”.  Before coming to the reunion I wondered how others would react if I didn’t recognize them.  For those of you I didn’t remember, thanks for understanding or maybe you just didn’t remember me either; however, it was really good to see you all.  As Janet said, “I had the time of my life”.  I know there were a lot of you that I didn’t see but I plan on coming back in five years to see you and the others again.  For those of you who missed the reunion, you missed a great time.”   Calvin Bearden


“It was so heartwarming to see everyone and if I missed visiting with you,  I apologize.  Now that we have e-mails, I would like to hear from each of you on occasion.  If not, I will see you again (hopefully) in five years.”  "I had the time of my life" Janet Grooms


It was a wonderful night. Full of fun, laughter, and memories. Kudos to all who worked so hard to make it happen for the Class of '68.”   Judy Snell Sanders



Classmates that attended August 2008 Reunion

  • Ricky Adcock
  • Dale Alexander
  • Mary Bailiff Alexander
  • Gerald Baker
  • Barbara Bass Boone
  • Vyron Calvin Bearden
  • Jeanie Bearden Phillips
  • Ronnie Bell
  • Carolyn Bobo Hill
  • Floy Bobo Baker
  • Vickie Brantley Carlton
  • Carol Burdette McCord
  • Randy Carroll
  • Connie Cartwright Miller
  • Tommy Clifford
  • Roby Cogswell
  • Lila Collier Beasley
  • Brenda Cook Sanderson
  • Phil Cook
  • Dorothy Cook Womble
  • Mike Coop
  • Vicky Craddock
  • Mary Crosslin Gaines
  • Tracey Danyluk Brennan
  • Brent Day
  • Stephen Decker
  • Roger Donegan
  • Richard Sandy Elmore
  • Lolly Farrar Watson
  • Jeweline Fisher Segroves
  • Dorothy Fox Hilliard
  • Doug Graves
  • Mike Grimes
  • Janet Grooms
  • Donna Hall Edens
  • Peggy Harmon Brady
  • Larry Hart
  • Mike Harvey
  • Debbie Haston Massey
  • Frankie Hawkins Blevins
  • Trudy Heath Spence
  • Marsha Hendon Bolin
  • Bob Higgins
  • Mary Hopkins McClain
  • Connie Jackson Beasley
  • Larry Jones
  • Joe Kimery
  • Dwight Landers
  • Sandra Lankford Miller
  • Rhea Lawell Hiett
  • Ray McCall
  • Marilyn McCallie
  • Bobby McGillard
  • Sara McKay Wood
  • John Paul Matthews
  • Ken Maupin
  • Milinda Milton
  • Richard Morgan
  • Brenda Naron Sullivan
  • Billy Streeter Nelson
  • John Nichols
  • Dan Parrish
  • Sharon Peacock Moore
  • Phyllis Philyaw Melton
  • Donna Pickle Gambill
  • Mattie Pilkington Imperial
  • Laura Powell Gentry
  • Donna Pylant
  • Patsy Reese Stovall
  • Ricky Sanders
  • Wayne Sanders
  • Donna Scott Simmons
  • Mickey Self McLean
  • Barbara Smith Barnes
  • Judy Snell Sanders
  • David Spence
  • Nancy Steelman Pigg
  • Judy Stewart Day
  • Mike Templeton
  • Kathy Thompson
  • Gerald Tillett
  • Susie Trollinger Stewart
  • Harold Walker
  • Johnny Westbrooks
  • Billy Wheeler
  • Leslie White
  • Laura Whitehead Horn
  • Susan Williams Dechert
  • Brenda Winn Overcast
  • Tom Young