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08/18/15 09:14 AM #90    


Ricky Sanders

Memory of Coach Doug Langston & Coach John Stanford

I heard the sad news of the recent passing of our Coach Doug Langston... This brought some of my fond memories of Central High School a dancing... Two men who I admired & who had a strong & postive influence on my life are gone! I'm sorry that these men who dedicated their entire lives for young people, both in school sports & academics, would leave us so soon.

When Coach "D" was at CHS at Shelbyville he taught American History. I was fortunate to have been in one of his classes my junior year...I credit Coach Langston for my habit of reading the current events in newspapers today...
Back in the day...we had daily newspaper reports assigned to us. Coach "D" wanted his students to appreciate current events, being aware that we were living in history...& it being the 60's...we certainly lived through some didn't we?.

God Bless you Coach Doug Langston..& Coach John Stanford

12/10/17 03:01 PM #91    


Mike Templeton

I wanted to share some information about my younger brother, David, who passed away after a brief illness on Wednesday, November 29.  His passing was certainly a shock to us all!  Many of you knew him, and I wanted to share some information about David and his life.  He had definitely experienced some highs and lows in his life, but in the end, I was absolutely blown away with the number of people he had touched and helped!

While David never completed his first attempt at a college degree at Auburn University, he was successful in achieving a great career in flying.  David earned his pilot’s license in Shelbyville, and surprised me one Christmas when we all came home—he said “let’s take a ride” and drove me out to the local airport.  Then we proceeded to walk out to an airplane and he said “get in, let’s take another ride”!  WOW!  I can tell you that it is one thing to ride in a car with your younger brother, but it is a whole other story to get in a plane and leave the ground!  Anyway, he used his love for flying to develop into a very successful career.  He became a corporate pilot and spent the rest of his life flying advanced airplanes for different companies—he flew MU-2’s, KingAir’s and Lear Jets.  He flew all over North America and was traveling to South America for a period of time, including flying Jimmy and Rosalyne Carter to Nicaragua on some of their humanity missions.  He also flew life-flight missions that took transplant teams to locations to harvest organs and return them to Nashville for waiting patients.  This is really an ironic segment of his life!

Unfortunately, David had developed an alcohol problem.  In early 2011, after some health issues, David and his wife, Glenda, met with a doctor at Vanderbilt’s Digestive Disease Department who was in charge of their liver transplant program.  The doctor gave him a shocking report—I can quote this because David wrote this down—“You can say whatever you want to, and I am not God, I can’t tell you when you are going to die, but in my professional opinion, at best, you have 12-18 months to live.  The only way to be placed on a transplant list is to remain sober for at least one year, and complete an outpatient treatment program.”  David joined Alcoholics Anonymous and entered into a treatment program immediately.  During the first week of September, 2011, his health started deteriorating rapidly and he was admitted to Vanderbilt University.  On the night of September 13, 2011, as David put it, “God stepped in and he was moved up on the transplant priority list”.  David made a commitment to God—if he could live, he would spend the rest of his life helping people.  Obviously, God agreed!

For the next 6-years, David spent his life working with alcoholics and drug abusers.  While continuing his religious participation in AA and staying “dry," he became a Licensed Alcohol and Drug-Abuse Counselor.  David spent his time working with multiple After-Care groups and local judges who could steer people in need to these treatment programs.  I really have no idea how many people David touched over the last 6-years, but I know the number is staggering.  By the way, while he was pursuing his commitment to God to help people, he also enrolled in Middle Tennessee State University, and he completed his Bachelor’s degree!  He wanted to do that for himself, his family and also for Mom and Dad—Terry and I flew up to watch him “walk and get his diploma.  What a great day!

During the last year, David had developed a bad cough, and we really don’t know what the doctors were telling David—he was an extremely heavy smoker.  We did find evidence that David knew about a spot on his lungs back during the summer, but being a stubborn Templeton, he did not tell anyone. The family finally learned of this problem in mid-October—there was a tumor in his right lung that had formed around an artery, and was inoperable.  The treatment prognosis was being developed, but the outlook was apparently not good.  Those who saw David every day knew that his health was failing based on weight loss and lack of stamina.  However, he continued to put forward the optimistic and positive outlook.

I talked to David on Thanksgiving Day—he actually sounded good, although I could tell he was tired.  He has actually worked some mid-night shifts at a local treatment center earlier that week if you can believe it!  On Monday night, November 27, he began having problems at home and Glenda called 911 to get him to the hospital.  He went to the Murfreesboro emergency room and was immediately rushed to Vanderbilt in Nashville.  We believe they lost him a couple of times during the transit, and after a rough Monday night, he was stabilized and moved to a room in ICU.  Terry and I travelled to Nashville as quickly as we could, arriving at his bedside around midnight on Tuesday. While we were traveling, he apparently had a severe coughing fit that caused severe internal bleeding around the tumor.  The doctors put him into a controlled coma and paralyzed him so that he could not cough.  He was on a ventilator when Terry and I arrived.

During the morning on Wednesday, all of David’s organs starting shutting down and he developed some infections in his bloodstream.  After an extensive consultation with a truly outstanding medical team at Vanderbilt, the family decided to remove the ventilator.  With all of us at his side, David passed away within 15 minutes peacefully.  I am certain that Dot met him at the Pearly Gates, shook her finger at him about the smoking, and then gave him the best hug in the world!

David did not want any memorial service.  He had always told us that he wanted his ashes to be spread from an airplane—I had told him that this would be considered air pollution (and he laughed at that).  This will be the plan sometime in the future.  If you are so inclined, we are letting people know that they can celebrate his life with a small contribution to the organ donation organization, Donate Life America, 701 East Byrd Street 16th Floor, Richmond, VA  23219.

12/11/17 08:32 AM #92    


Peggy Harmon (Brady)

Wow Mike! What an amazing tribute!
You captured the essence of his life's turnaround and contribution so elegantly. I'm sure he is smiling from Heaven with a great big Thank You!

03/24/18 01:22 PM #93    


Mike Templeton

I hate that I cannot attend the celebration of Bob Higgin's life on April 29 in Nashville.  I shared many memories with Bob over the years as we grew up together.  I do look forward to the upcoming reunion where I hope we can again celebrate his life together as a class!

05/16/18 06:42 PM #94    


Marilyn McCallie (Morgan)

The reunion truly was golden! Thank you, dear committee, for the well-planned events of the weekend and to you, Ed, for the wonderful photographs. I couldn't help but laugh as they brought back memories of the evening. Visting with good friends and catching up on all the facinating life journeys will keep my spirit fed for years to come. I love you all, Class of '68! 

05/17/18 09:08 AM #95    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

I agree with Marilyn.  It was the best reunion yet.  To me, it felt like 50 years had not even passed.  It was wonderful to see everyone again.  Everyone who worked to put it together did a really great job; kudos to all of you.  


05/17/18 01:13 PM #96    


David Wayne Spence

​Let me start off with a BIG Thank You for ALL who had a hand in making the 50th a night to remember! The location was the biggest surpise; Loved IT!  The food and drinks was good too. I must apologize to the classmates that I did not get to talk to. I had a hard time placing faces with names. We all changed but for the good. We all looked great to be this young. Hope the next one will be even better!

David W Spence


05/18/18 07:36 AM #97    


Rick Clanton

It was a wonderful night. Thank you to the committee and thank you to all who attended.

10/15/18 08:24 AM #98    


Donna Hall (Edens)

I sure hated to miss the 50th reunion and the lunch at Bell Buckle. I'm in South Florida and it's a 2 day driving trip to Shelbyville and I'm terrified to fly anymore. But the pictures from both events made me feel I was there. I want to keep up with everybody, even those I was too shy to talk to in school. (I'm not so shy anymore!)


03/03/19 08:46 AM #99    


Donna Hall (Edens)

I was looking through the "Classmate Profiles" today and it seems that there just too many roses next to too many names. It's sad to lose so many friends (and relatives). So many gone too soon.....

05/01/19 09:54 AM #100    


Ricky Sanders

Sorry to hear about Mike Cartwright's passing. Some thoughts to honor his memory...

What is Friendship?

A CS Lewis quote I love, “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival”, but at the end of the day it is something that feels impossible to describe.  

Friendship is deep and powerful and amazing, but it is hard to really explain why. If you have a close friend you just know what I mean.

No surprise, when a friend dies, like Mike, or when a family member dies, we don’t “get over it”. We learn to live with it. It may get different, it may get easier, but it is always with us...

Psalms 90:10 tells us, "The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away."

How the "Shining Stars" of Heaven keep Growing With Our Class of 1968 Friends!!!

See Y'all Soon!

05/02/19 06:02 AM #101    


Donna Hall (Edens)

Oh, Mike.....such a wonderful guy. Your pain is over. My condolences to the ones you left behind. You are another star in the sky smiling down at the rest of us.

08/05/20 12:45 PM #102    


Donna Hall (Edens)

I know I am not the only one saddened by the death of Gerald Tillett. I just can't believe it. We had been in touch a few times from birthday wishes and he had told me about his eye surgeries and I told him about my brain surgery and then he told me about his stomach surgery. He will certinly be missed. He never knew but I had a "silent crush" on him in high school. (I was a nobody and he was a somebody). Sympathies to his family and friends. I feel so bad about about this.....

09/29/20 08:51 AM #103    


Donna Hall (Edens)

Well, we were dealt another blow with the death of Dan Parrish. I didn't know Dan as well as I would have liked to, but I had classes with him and he was a lot of fun. We must gather together in grief every time one of our classmates leaves us, whether we knew them that well or not. For four years we were together and shared so much and now all we have are memories. Let's hang on to those.

10/07/20 08:05 AM #104    


Donna Hall (Edens)

It makes me so sad to hear of Johnny Westbrooks' passing. First there was Gerald, then Dan and now Johnny. 2020 has indeed been a terrible year. I tend to remember everybody as we were in high school, still teenagers, cutting up, laughing through the crowded hallways as we changed classes, etc. Now we are "senior citizens" and so many of us are passing on. So many did not make it to be a senior citizen, either. It really hurts me when we lose someone. I pray for Johnny's family, especially Christy. I've been widowed 26 years and have been through the trauma of losing my husband; this will be a hard adjustment for Christy, as it had to be for Virginia and Marikay. Let's remember not only those who have passed away, but those who are still with us. We have a bond that holds us together and let's keep it strong.

02/06/21 01:25 PM #105    

Frankie Hawkins (Blevins)

iI am so very sorry to hear of Debbie Stewart's illness and
and her passing! I remember Debbie as being one of the
nicest and welcoming, no-nonsense classmates at CHS!
I respected her a lot.  RIP Debbie🙏🏾

Frankie (Hawkins) Blevins 
February 6, 2020




02/07/21 09:26 AM #106    


Donna Hall (Edens)

I was very shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Debbie Stewart.  She was somebody that you knew would go far (and she did, becoming a doctor). She was so smart and knew what she wanted out of life. I'm so sorry she suffered so long before her death. She will not be forgotten. Prayers to her family.

02/07/21 09:54 AM #107    


Dorothy Cook (Womble)

🙏🙏I'm very sorry to hear of Debbie Stewart passing. I remember her in school of being very smart and she was very nice to everyone. She was a really great lady. She is much better off where she is now than the ones of us still here. I send prayers for her family for their loss. I also send prayers for our country and the entire world.🙏?>/p>


02/08/21 08:24 AM #108    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

I, too, was shocked to hear of Debbie's passing.  She was so smart and sweet and a joy to know.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.  Peace.

02/09/21 04:51 PM #109    


Peggy Harmon (Brady)

So sad to hear about Debbie Stewart passing. She was so driven to achieve and had such a good heart, truly one of a kind. Will always remember her "can do" spirit. I'm sure she is already making waves in heaven.

02/10/21 08:27 AM #110    

Tracy Danyluk (Brennan)

I am so grateful to you, Lolly, for keeping us updated on the people from our class. I appreciate knowing this sad news about Debby, so I can keep her in my thoughts and prayers.  I remember many fun times with her in geometry and other classes--and how much I liked being her friend.

03/06/21 06:56 AM #111    


Peggy Harmon (Brady)

Dorothy, so sorry to hear about your mother. Teachers are saints in my book. She did a great job raising you! She will be supporting you in a higher form now. Lots of Love. Peg

03/26/21 10:11 AM #112    


John Nichols

I am so sad about Jeweline (Fisher) Segroves' loss of her mother.  Her mom made the best grill cheese sandwiches at Renegar's.  She would let me and my brother Jerry's band practice at their house.  She was a great part of my growing up and she will always be in my memories.  God bless Jeweline and her family.

01/08/22 09:40 AM #113    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

I was sorry to learn Calvin Bearden's mother has passed away.  She was a very sweet lady.  I know she will be missed.

01/08/22 09:42 AM #114    


Judy Snell (Sanders)

Hoping Jeweline Segroves will recover soon.  I'm sorry to learn she has been sick..

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