35th Reunion Pics

(L to R) Debbie Johnson, Gary Howard, Tami Patterson, Andrea Coffey, Jim Selvy, Anita Kolen, Christy Conklin, SanDee Parrish, Eddie Ross, Joe Bustamonte, David Gibbs, Kendra Henson, Karen Kuriger, Teri Paterson, Doug Jewell & Dusty Griffin.

The out-of-towners, who came from the west coast, east coast, north & south to be here!

Reserved seating for the Class of 1980 overlooking the 50 yard line at the Buena 2015 Homecoming game.

Tailgating action at the Homecoming game.

Tailgating action at the Homecoming game.

We had the reunion dinner at Manda Le. The Class of 1980 is soooooo sweeeeeet!

Gary Howard, Dave Gibbs, Doug Jewell & Randy Redmond.

Cathy Blanchard & Lavonda Thompson discuss something vitally important as Lavonda's boyfriend Mike dozes off . . . . .

Reunion Dinner at Manda Le.

Jim Selvy & Kendra Henson

Tom Zinn & Cindy

Cheryl Howie & Rick

Tami Paterson & Debbie Johnson

Karen Ireland & Dennis (Sorry the picture looks fuzzy - Karen had been swimming that day - must be the chlorine!)

Sandy Koons

Lavonda Thompson & Mike

Doug Jewell & Kathy

Randy Redmond & Robin

Debbie (Dusty) Griffin & Teri Paterson

Lavonda Thompson & Andrea Coffey

Karen Kuriger, Dave Gibbs & Cathy Blanchard

Anita Kolen & SanDee Parrish

Gary Howard & Doug Jewell

Memories . . . . . 

The stylish Buena Class of 1980 shirts.

At the picnic . . . Debbie Johnson & Tami Patterson

Karen Kuriger, Debbie Johnson, Anita Kolen, Karen Ireland & SanDee Parrish

SanDee Parrish & Karen Ireland

Karen Kuriger watches as Debbie Johnson practices the Pledge of Allegiance.

Debbie Johnson & Anita Kolen

Randy & Robin Redmond and Gary Howard

Herb Best, Scott Turner, Anita Eigner, Randy Redmond & Gary Howard 

Herb Best & Scott Turner

Dave Gibbs gets banished from the ramada for telling too many corny jokes.

Gary Howard asks Scott Turner's advice on hair care products.

Gary Howard photobombs as Dave Gibbs ponders the meaning of Scott Turner's laughter.