Special Event Pics


Here's the whole gang at The Sports Gallery

Toni Sword with future husband Mark, Karen Derr('79) and Dave Gibbs

Cindy Meyer, Dave Gibbs & Stephanie Clark

Cindy Meyer & Stephanie Clark

Tracy Brown('79), Kerry Tuggle & Cathy Blanchard

Cindy Meyer, Stephanie Clark (with husband Dave)

Kim Clark, Cheryl Howie. Also Kent Horne('79) in the bottom right corner

(L to R) Tony McMullen, Brooks Brown('79), Toni Sword, Tracy Brown('79) and Lee Hersey

Tracy Brown('79), Sandy Koons, Lee Hersey, Brooks Browne('79) and Toni Sword

Brroks Brown('79), Stephanie Clark (in background), Mark "Nuclear Bomb" Strole with Toni Sword

Toni Sword & Dave Gibbs

Tracy Brown('79) and Stephanie Clark

Kim Clark, Matt Tank and Cheryl Howie

Cindy "Minnesota Slim" Meyer

Kim Clark, Dave Gibbs, Cheryl Howie

Cathy Blanchard & Kerry Tuggle