Missing Classmates

WHERE ARE THEY...Missing Classmates 

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the following classmates, please send the information you have by clicking the "contact us" button now.  Information that will help locate them are information such as spouse's name, cities or towns they have lived in, children's names, parents names, places of employment, social network profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.  PLEASE LOOK OVER THE LIST AND IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION ON ANYONE LET US KNOW.

Lois Arline
Dorothy Banks
Jimmy Banks
Sheila Callaway (Hodge)
Robert Caraway
Wade Caraway
Malcolm Clark
Donna Cobb
Bill Davids
Larry Davis
Mark Denard
Patricia Dryden (Skinner)
Ronald Ellett
Theresa Emery
Michael Fitzpatrick
Elvira Fletcher
Debra Gallaspy (Dryden)
Barbara Gore
Ronnie Gore
Kay Hardeway
Pat Hare (Kirby)
Mary Holt
David Johns
Frank Jones
Retha Kemp
Peggy King
Jimmy Landis
Carolyn Langston (Ward)
Mary Laurent
Allen Lawrence
Marvin Lewis
Pam Loggins
Christine Lowe
Martha Mansfield
David Martindale
Larry Matthews
Ricky McNeil
Mark Meade
Tonya Merchant
Gary Monroe
Gary Murphy
Terrel Naas
Sam O'Steen
Sherri Plunk
Debra Riley (Hale)
Cindy Roberts
Darrell Sacra
Larry Schmidt
Mary Stepnik
Elter Walters
Steven Walters
Kenny Wilson