45-Year Reunion (2024)

Hi Sparkplug!

Our 40-year class reunion, held over the weekend of September 27-28, 2019 was one for the history books.  An incredible turnout, fun times, great stories and sharing, and some faces not seen since May, 1979 showed up.  What will 2024 bring?  Stay tuned.  Let us know your thoughts and suggestions, too. Remember, it's your reunion.

Reminders for our next reunion:

  • Plan our group photograph and set a time for it to be taken so all are included
  • Use larger font on name portion of nametags
  • Find out why Ritch Jordan + guest were the only two name tags which did not print out
  • Be sure registrant includes name of spouse / guest; otherwise it will not be shown on name tag
  • Start events earlier!  6pm on Friday and Saturday wasn't enough time for everyone to talk, talk, talk.
  • Don't go back to 1911 Grill...unless they get a professionally trained chef from the Cordon Bleu in Paris.  Food was lackluster at best.
  • Set 2024 date at least a year in advance to allow planning
  • When paying / registering by credit card, allow 5 buisness days for funds to transfer from escrow account to admin's personal checking account.  Funds transfer request needs to be made before 3:00pm EST or another busness day will be added to wait time. (e.g. I processed funds transfer request at 6:00pm PST Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.  Funds became available Monday, Sept. 30, 2019).  To assure availability, move deadline from a Friday to a prior Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Class Creator tutorial does not clearly explain 5.9% (0.941) credit card processing fee.  Cost of meal per person was $45 + 5.9% credit card processing fee (45 x 0.941) = $42.34.  Class Creator calculates meal cost as $42.34 + 2.66 = 45.00.  Handling fee is backed off total amount, not added to, as explained in tutorial. e.g. $90 for two guests x 5.9% fee = $84.69.  $84.69 + $5.31 fee = $90.  Next time, calculate meal as $47.82 plus 5.9% cc fee (0.941)  = $44.9986 or $47.83 x 5.9% = 45.0080