Benjamin Rosen

Profile Updated: January 10, 2012
Residing In: Greeneville, TN USA
Spouse/Partner: Parinda Kijaroon Rosen
Occupation: As Free as can be, self employed over 25 years.
Children: Blue, born 1998, loved by his teachers great student, loves science, he got 1st place in his school More…for 4th grade science fair and 4th place in 5th grade. Parinda (wife) is his step mom.

Bhunthika, born in 2002, 1/2 Thai, Parinda is Thai. Bhunthika is our Biological daughter. She plays the Piano, I look for her to be famous she is so good at 7 years old. Such a responsible person and very organized. I can not wait for our families to meet.
Yes! Attending Reunion
As we all went many different directions after East, where did you graduate high school?

South County, North County & West County Tech

Attending Reunion


Favorite East Memory:

The good old days, I can not remember a bad day.
School was a meeting place of many beautiful like minds. We were raised in the same community and have many common bonds which will never be broken. I am honored to share memories with You the people whom have greatly contributed to the mold of who we are. We forge and share our life with others always carrying parts of each along our paths. I have only memories of Joy, it was all fun to me.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Several of us have reconnected on Face Book, but we all are just slaves to the money and war machine which is what we were taught and still teach in public school. What kind of relationships would we have with each other today if we were taught Love and Peace as a way of life everyday we went to school together. We would and should have many strong bonds with all people once we share our Love. Seems may bonds were formed outside of school time, in the homes and neighborhoods of our youth. This is where we were free to form relationships full of Joy. I would like to see so many of You again. We must find a way to light the fire of friendship among all good people.

Tell us all about you (i.e. What do you do for a living, what places have you lived since East Jr, what have you accomplished in life, etc, etc)

After East Jr. I went to South County Tech 2 years and took a general class which was to introduce us to the many trades offered at Tech. I decided on Aircraft Mechanics. The school counselor did not realize applications for that program had to be turned in early, so he said I could take a year of anything I wanted, then go back to take 11 th grade over and start the A&P program. I took electronics for a year and back I went to get my license to work on Aircraft. The first year of the Aviation class was at North County Tech and the 2 nd was at a new school West County Tech. I was the first graduating class of that school. Class of 83 because of the extra year by choice. The party was at my house. I had a lot of parties there, but that was the best. I remember Nancy Frie & Nancy Willbrand were there. I was senior class president and top of the class. While in High School I was leader of an explorer scout program at McDonnell Douglas, we got an experiment approved to fly on the space shuttle. It never went up because of the disaster. I will post some articles about it some time. After Graduation I took some classes at the community college and then went to UMRolla for aerospace engineering. Unfortunately a McDonnell Douglas recruiter knew how to find me at Rolla an offered me a job. This is when I went into stupid mode, I left school and took the job. It was the last "JOB" I ever had. I was there 2 years to the day, gave my 2 weeks notice and never looked back. I have friends who are still there 25 years later. I am so glad I did not waste my life there. While working there I learned to fly small airplanes, got my pilots License, jumped out of one once. What a blast that was. I was so scared, my friend, who was in the airplane with me and going to jump after me, was laughing so hard at me because I turned White with fear. Getting my Pilots license brought me back from stupid, because while in the Navy, stationed in Japan on Atsugi Air Base, with an Awesome flying club, I had people lined up to pay for the airplane so I could take them up over Tokyo. Very cool, I could write a book just about all the great flights I had in Japan. I met some great people at that flight club. I did 3 years in the Navy and lived in Japan for 2 of the 3 years. While in the Navy, the gulf war late 89 - Jan 93, I went to China (Hong Kong), Korea twice, Australia twice (east coast & west coast) was there for 50 th anniversary of the battle of the coral seas (what a party) hundreds of thousands of people came to see us (they love Americans), Philippines a few times (too much fun, but sad) I was one of the last Americans there when we closed all the bases after 90 years of occupation, Hawaii, Alaska, of course my least favorite the mid east, Abu Dhabi & dubai, (They do not much like Americans, and I dear not mention to them I was a Jew, And my most favorite place on earth, THAILAND, they know how to be kind to each other, such a beautiful people, rich in culture, Awesome food, exotic fruit everywhere. As mentioned I was based in Japan, very interesting, I saw in 1992 technology, like touch screens you would see in a new Lexis today. A friend I met was the President of Rockwell international and was testing products they were developing. I flew with him, he tested me to fly a 6 seater, Cessna 182. I flew over Tokyo many many times, (more then 50) in a small Cessna many times alone at night (loved it) Flew around Mt Fuji and went island hopping, many cool memories. Several F-14 pilots had me take them up because they wanted to site see and although they were pilots they could not fly a Cessna. I worked on the deck of the Aircraft carrier The Independence (CV-62) attached to VF-54 an F-14 squadron. O-yah it was soooo cool to be on deck at night launching F-14s. Ok but the best part of life, My Thai wife (Parinda), I met 10 years after I got out of the Navy and My Blue Boy, Charlie Blue Rosen, and Rebecca Bhunthika Rosen, my Tiger (Thai Girl) get it? My wife and I run a small business doing installs for Home Depot, Sears, Lowes, GE, Rheem, and others, yes we are busy. Its better then clocking in, for me. We are home with the kids when they are home. They have never been in day care or with a sitter. Before this business we custom built modular homes. We had a model home center, not good if you want freedom. My jobs used to last 6 months with each customer and now it is a few hours. We much prefer the freedom. As of Jan 2012 we are under contract with Sears, Home Depot, and a couple of others, to do their plumbing installs and repairs. We cover over 100 miles and business is good.

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