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11/01/22 05:28 PM #2144    


Steven Bilderback

Wow, David Frazer is like going to be 29 years old next week! That's like almost 30.
Remember when 30 was really, really old?
Happy almost birthday Dave! 🥳

11/01/22 10:20 PM #2145    


David Frazer

Thanks Steve! Those darn hippies teaching us not to trust anyone over 30. Now what should we do? Can't even trust myself.

11/03/22 08:07 PM #2146    

Robert Ayre

What! Its November already! Well I'm wishing all those with November birthdays a very happy one!! How many of us have purchased a Powerball ticket lately? Hmm, ok guilty! I hope everyone has enjoyed the beautiful fall colors.
It was nice to see some normalcy with the Halloween trick or treaters. There was some reluctance with some coming up to me and I wasn't wearing a mask. Well ok I look like the como zoo gorilla anyway. But a lot fun costumes.
For all you quiet readers please start thinking of ideas for our 50th. Look how fast this year went! Please stay healthy and safe. Oh and Dave your not out to PASTURE yet! Ha!

11/04/22 10:49 AM #2147    


David Frazer

Thanks Bob! People corrected my pronunciation all the time, my “Pastor” was pronounced “Pasture.” When corrected, I told them it is pronounced pasture because I was always getting dumped on. By the way, for my birthday I asked for all these political ads to be done. I think my birthday wish will be answered.

11/04/22 11:25 AM #2148    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Happy Birthday to all the boys and girls born in my favorite month of November!  I hope that everyone enjoys their special day, and gets all kinds of Hugs, Love & Peace!   Winter is right around the corner, so stay warm and healthy my friends! 

11/05/22 01:18 PM #2149    


David Frazer

Speaking for all our November Birthdays! Thank you Yvette.

11/06/22 04:40 PM #2150    

Robert Ayre

Yvette there is a song for you called "What about me!" Ha! I want my share can't you see..hmm it seems like November is a great month!😎
So where are all the spirited Park High Indians to help with our next reunion! Let's get something started. It takes awhile to find venues. Are there any racquetball or pickleball players out there? As it gets colder they are fun sports to play. I question the name pickleball! Hmm. Oh well safe travels to those hibernating in the southern states.

11/07/22 03:56 PM #2151    


David Frazer

Oops! Just looiked and saw November 26th birthday for you Yvette! Bob's right. Happy birthday month for you!

11/07/22 07:25 PM #2152    

Yvonne Fuchs (Korneck)

It's my birthday this month too. Nov. 26th. Same as Yvette's.


11/08/22 07:35 AM #2153    


Susan McGahn (Hetland)

Happy birthday Yvonne and Yvette! And all the rest of November birthdays. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Bob.

11/09/22 07:52 PM #2154    

Robert Ayre

Oh since they are twins it seems Yvonne responded like her sister Yvette with " What about me? It isn't fair I want my share can't you see..." well it looks like I will keep working for awhile since I did not pick the right lottery numbers 🤔. All th eff very best to everyone!

11/10/22 07:01 PM #2155    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Happy Birthday Bob! It is about you today....Too bad your sister didnt remind everyone that you had a birthday coming up so you could get more birthday wishes, ha! Thanks Yvonne for giving a heads up! We wouldn't want people to miss our soecial day! Stay warm everyone! Happy Holidays!

11/11/22 12:24 PM #2156    

Avis Bevins (Lorenz)

Thinking of you on Veteran's Day,

Sometimes saying "thank you" seems small when your service has been anything but that - it has made a difference in more ways than you can see and more lives than you'll ever know.

Thank you!!!! 

11/11/22 02:26 PM #2157    


David Frazer

Avis, thank you! I just had three cancellations/no fills in my schedule so I went to Red Lobster for the free meal. Wow! The mooch facter is pretty high for us Veterans. The poor lady working so hard... she said she was working hard since it opened. I tried to tip her and she refused to take anything (not even for my Pop). People are so kind, food, grocery store discounts, Cabela's, coupons for food, breakfast, lunch and dinner, hair cut + coupons, I am glad the Lord called me into the Army just so I could experience how thankful people can be (i.e., in 1991, the whole airport clapping as our task force walked into the terminal).

11/12/22 10:23 AM #2158    

Denise Doffing (Viall)

Happy Birthday to all of the November birthdays! Does anyone know what Jennifer Olson died of?

11/14/22 03:04 PM #2159    

Avis Bevins (Lorenz)

Veterans definitely deserve their day.  Being in the service isn't easy.  Dad served in WWII and had many scars that laid under the surface.  I'm not sure if those scars helped him to be the wonderful dad he was or if he was wonderful in spite of what happened.  He never spoke about it.  They did give him the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  

Take care and may God bless you.

11/14/22 06:47 PM #2160    

Robert Ayre

Yvette I have 4 sisters and none of them reminded me it was my birthday! Ha! They always call me on that day. I'm glad it's only two 66's and not a third.
Well you will join the many of our class in adding one more year! I started at 4 1/2 not sure if it was from being smart or to just to get me out of the house. Stay safe and warm for those of us staying in Minnesota.

11/14/22 06:53 PM #2161    

Robert Ayre

Thanks Susan! I wish some of you would start looking like their age! Wait ok NOT! Maybe at 90. Now where is that fountain of youth?

11/17/22 08:57 AM #2162    


David Frazer

Just wondering as we age how many of us will say no to the technical changes? We are a generation that rode the coat-tails of books like 1984 and Brave New World. I'm going to have read them.again. Extreme we hide in the woods with our iodine pills; on the other hand, we embrace the cultural changes. What do you say? How many times have we heard this line from Buffalo Springfield?

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the men come and take you away

We better stop
Hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look, what's going down?

11/18/22 07:58 AM #2163    


David Frazer

Sorry about the preceeding post... just wondering out loud.

11/18/22 10:49 PM #2164    


Steven Bilderback

Dave, it's the persons intentions that makes the use of anything good or bad.
It's the lack of wisdom from the people of influence that scares me the most.

11/19/22 02:45 PM #2165    


Steven Bilderback

Ooooh, Yvette has a birthday coming up surprise
She'll be dancing around and singing 
♬ I am 16 going on 17... ♫  for sure!
Whooo Hoooo! Happy, happy birthday! laugh

11/23/22 12:42 PM #2166    

Robert Ayre

Steve and then she woke up 50 years later! Dance dance wherever you may be...and as Janis Joplin sang love the one your with! Wishing her and her twin opposite a very HAPPY birthday!

11/27/22 07:23 PM #2167    


David Frazer

December? December? Oh, boy, December is here. Winter solstice this year is Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at 3:48 pm CST. Only 24 days and then we might pick a classmate from anywhere from Florida to California to visit until spring. laugh

12/06/22 10:24 PM #2168    


David Frazer

Wow! Put the skids on that conversation... sorry Bob. Just making a joke about my counting down until Winter Solstice, winter begins but each day has seconds to minutes more of sunlight. I like sunlight! Merry Christmas everyone!

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