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04/24/21 11:05 AM #1908    


Thomas Cockriel

I think that's Keith Evans next to Mr. Vierow

04/25/21 07:20 AM #1909    


Tom Birkholm


I remember when he had the heart attack as well, some of us were playing dodge ball with some teachers after school and they wouldn't let us leave because the ambulance was there.  

I was thinking that was Keith as well and Dale Howe is the 3rd one down on the far right.

05/04/21 04:25 PM #1910    


David Frazer


I"m curious to find how many fishing licenses our classmates bought so far. I have heard that is what the retired do is fish more. Any truth to that? cool

05/05/21 08:59 AM #1911    


Steven Bilderback

I haven't bought my fishing license yet, I'll have both a WI and MN soon.
Dave, we should grab my canoe and find a fishing hole somewhere. laugh

05/05/21 10:46 PM #1912    


David Frazer

Steve, I am amiss in calling you and asking if you need someone to till your garden? I have been thinking of calling for three weeks; but it always is somewhere or time not right. I would be willing to be your left hand on the tiller. Did you get the cast off? (Use your tiller though... mine is a shovel for the last three years).

05/05/21 11:47 PM #1913    


Douglas Kladis

I remeber tillers and the garden been a long time fishing sonds like more fun though caught me two rainbows last week, thinking of going up to Mormen Lake soon to see how the Pike are doing 

05/07/21 07:41 AM #1914    

Robert Ayre

Well Dave it looks like you were fishing for things to talk about. Got us hook, line and sinker. Reeled us in with that opening line. I will get mine next week. Would be great to get a group together to go canoeing. I'm in if anyone is intetested.

05/08/21 10:31 AM #1915    


David Frazer

Bob, can you "scale" it down with the fishing puns! I'm in the "boat" if you put something together for canoeing or kayaking. Doug, were they nice size trout? Our classmate, Kevin Noonan, lives around Phoeniz, Arizona. Owns a tree trimming-business. I think of his job working for the WI CC in 1979. He rebuilt for the DNR streams for trout. Pretty impressive the hard work. By the way, with the elementary school pictures, how many of you were struck by a teacher in grade school? Ouch. I hope I am not the only one.

05/08/21 11:33 AM #1916    


Douglas Kladis

Dave trout where OK 4-6lb Glen Canyon Dam is where you get trophy size trout here near Page AZ your only aloud 3 and you have to squez the barbs on your hook to cut down on the damage to the fish and keep the ones you want to keep in live wells sticked up there been there only once just to far 

05/09/21 03:59 PM #1917    


David Frazer

Doug, 4 to 6 pounds is a good size trout. A few meals, indeed!

05/12/21 09:59 PM #1918    


Karen Romanchuk (Garaghty)

05/12/21 10:00 PM #1919    


Karen Romanchuk (Garaghty)

Joe caught this on Sunday

05/14/21 06:53 AM #1920    


Thomas Cockriel

Tom, I think you are right about Dale in the pic. 


Karen, I do miss Walleye. No such fish in FL.

05/15/21 08:04 PM #1921    


Daniel Sopkowiak

Well David thanks for bringing up some of these topics. I haven't had the chance to go fishing for a few years now. I do plan on testing out the retirement theory in about a year. hope to move near Lake Roosevelt and spend some time after walleye northerns and sturgeon along with the trout. 

 No you were not alone getting smacked but I felt my poor penmanship didn't warrent it in front of the whole class. The funny thing was a couple years later while playing junior high football he was in the stands with my mother sitting near by and he commented how he hopes that I wouldn't carry a grudge and come looking for him. devil

05/16/21 02:15 PM #1922    


Jessica Aasved

Karen - lovely fish.  Makes me think perhaps I should try some fishing this year!

Love the grade school pictures!  Are there any from Pullman Elementary?  I was there from 2nd - 6th grade.  Would be fun to see the young faces!

BTW - I finally took the plunge and retired on 5/7/21.  Week one of retirement progressed without incident!  :-)

05/16/21 06:53 PM #1923    


David Frazer

Great looking fish, Karen. I have been thinking about taking Joe up on his offer to take me fishing down the river. If I go with Steve Bilderback too, that will make getting a license a good things. Dan. My issue was I thought I asked a good question. The teacher thought I was being a smart aleck and sent me to be ridiculed by the first-grade aggressive teacher; she hit me in the back of my head to show first graders what happens to people deserving punishment. The question? It was dumb, but I asked honestly. Probably precipitated by my real smart aleck attitude, setting her up to empty the backpack of anger on the next smart aleck kid (online definition fits this event: smart aleck An impudent or obnoxiously self-assertive individual, a wise guy, as in New teachers often have a hard time coping with the smart alecks in their classes). Jessica.. I thought about your place by the lake. Are you still there for retirement? We found a place on a lake by Steve B. and they are asking 100 thousand more than should be in a normal market, but will settle for 180K more (realtor's guess). Tom. One thing I can say, I miss the sea food in GA coast (stationed at Fort Stewart) and Florida (Sue's brother Dave Kaproth was a doctor in Tallahassee and had a fishing boat). The fish at the restaurants... fantastic!

05/16/21 07:13 PM #1924    


Steven Kaufhold

hey guys, this talk about fish is making me hungry..

Deb and I learned a great way to prepare salmon for the grill

Steve and Julie Hardy told us..


Olive oil and your favorite pepper seasoning..

05/16/21 10:44 PM #1925    

Steve Hardy

Lois E. (Mabus) Costigan

April 28, 1941 ~ May 14, 2021 (age 80)

Lois E. Costigan, age 80 of Newport, Minnesota passed away unexpectedly on May 14, 2021 from complications due to Covid 19 with her family by her side.

A celebration of her life will be planned at a later date.

Lois was born April 28, 1941 in Buffalo Center, Iowa to Maynard and Ione (Banta) Mabus.  She grew up in Buffalo Center and graduated from high school in 1960.  She completed her secretarial training at  Mankato Commercial College started working for Green Giant in Le Sueur, Minnesota in the human resources department. 

She was married to her longtime sweetheart, Larry Costigan on September 15, 1962 in Buffalo Center at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  They lived in Mankato, Minnesota and Manhattan, Kansas where Larry completed his education.  They moved to Newport in 1966 where she worked as a secretary at various places through the years.  She loved collecting teddy bears, fishing, playing cards with friends and visits to the casino.

In 1976 Lois and her family started collecting crystals which eventually she and Larry turned into a their business, which they called Costigan’s Minerals in 1980.  They travelled extensively which allowed them to find unique minerals throughout the US.  They attended trade shows across the Midwest and made countless friends that she cherished.

She also worked closely with Park High School Athletics where she oversaw many areas including data organization, ticketing and scoring to name a few.

They enjoyed winters in Tucson, Arizona for the last 20 years.  She had a spunky, straight forward personality who always had something witty to offer.  She had a kind heart and will be dearly missed.

Survived by her husband of 58 years Larry; son Brian (Michele); granddaughters Ashley and Alexa; sisters Arliss Hove and Eleanor Winter and many nieces and nephews.  She is preceded in death by her parents.

05/23/21 09:19 AM #1926    


David Frazer

I'm sorry for coach's loss. I met Lois a few times; the place sticks in my mind is the little park in Newport. The Cositigans had a nice picnic for one of the Cross Country teams. One of my favorite memories is how he would put up with a bunch of kids (angel= like the hockey players on our team - they joined to get in shape - they were waving from a house being constructed). Coach could be a no nonsense kind of guy if he was disrespected. I saw him pick up a kid with one hand in the school hallway and slam him into a locker. Mental note; don't smart off to coach.

06/05/21 02:00 PM #1927    


David Frazer

Hot day! We have a house full until a house can be bought or built. Terrible time for my daughter and husband to be looking. But, get to spoil the grandkids! Pop? Ice Cream? Fishing? Swimming? Candy? I'm playing over and over the song by Roger MIller, You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd!  I love being a grandpa (and a great grandpa)!

06/06/21 10:46 AM #1928    

Robert Ayre

Dave lucky you, that's the true meaning of a home. As we all know life goes by way too fast and you are creating some special lasting memories for you and the kids. Enjoy the sunshine outside and that of your family.

06/06/21 04:39 PM #1929    


David Frazer

Thanks Bob! What are your plans for the summer?

06/10/21 07:46 AM #1930    


Theodore Williams

Watched the baseball games this week for the Wolfpack to try to get to state.  
Yesterday they had to beat Eagan twice.  

They did it!   Congrats to the team.  I have a grand nephew on the team.  

06/11/21 03:45 PM #1931    


Connie Redding (Flora)

Today we lost another classmate. Lucinda Aguilar lost her battle with lung cancer.

06/12/21 11:19 AM #1932    


David Frazer

Thanks Connie! I will be praying for Cindy's family. 

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