70th Birthday Party Questionaire

Happy Birthday To US!! 

The tenative plan is to have a birthday weekend at the Dolphin Inn on St Pete Beach May 10-12, 2019.  The weekend can feature an informal gathering Friday and then a Birthday Luau on Saturday.  Maybe a trivia contest on Saturday afternoon? This will be up to how you answer the questions to follow below. Please answer all four questions.


The committee has secured some great rates for the weekend, with rooms starting at $139 ($157 with taxes).  We will want to book enough rooms that our party rooms will be free keeping the Luau to about $30 per person. 

For those of us who like to plan ahead and have our ducks all in a row, here's the room information for our 70th Birthday Party in May, 2019! Dolphin Beach Resort May 10 - 12, 2019 Rates: Standard $139.00; Poolside $169.00; Beach Front $209.00 / 13% tax One car parking - $10.00 + tax per day Group Code: G/NORT/EAST 1-800-237-8916.

All rooms have mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker. Group rates for up to 4 persons per room. Three days pre and post rates depending on availability. 

All decisions need to be finalized by October 31, 2018 to get these rates.  Please respond to the following questions. 

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1)   * Are you planning to attend the NEHI Class of 1967 70th Birthday Party Event in May 2019?

2)   * Will you plan to stay at the Dolphin Resort for two nights? One night? No nights?

  One night
  Two nights
  No nights
3)   * If we change the party to only a one night dinner party, which night would you prefer?

4)   * Would you rather have a planned dinner party or an informal free/cash get together?

  Dinner party/luau
  Nothing planned, just a time and a place