Excerpts from the May 8, 1972 NOREASTER

Comments from our Northeast years and what we wanted to remember from those days:

Sandy Allen: Tim Conte, football, Homecoming and H.B.

Bruce Alstaetter: J.V. Basketball (especially the Sarasota game) Do tell about that one Bruce cheeky

Leslie Alver: The teachers who try to understand our problems, my friends

Cindy Alvis: What a great school it is! And to be proud I graduated from here.

Richard Bennett: Being a member of the best club - THC

Guy Borgeson: Mr. Swan's Chem Study class, the most fun I ever had in failing tests and copying other's work

Doug Brill: The girl I met here.

Tricia Buddin: The crazy things I did in Anchor, and the Big V, all my friends who mean so very much to me

Robert Campbell: The Co-Ed Cross Country Team

Betty Cason: The Friday computer dot fights.

Bob Chase: Mr. Benjamin's edit on Caps and Gowns.

Billy Clayton: me and Cindy getting in fights

Britt Cotter: Comp II and Brit. Lit. Classes

Terry Crosby: All the "Happy people" in the social studies Teacher's offices, especially Teddy Bear and Ichabod Crane

Mark Davin: Cheerleading, the elections of 1969 and the towel fights in the locker room after swim practice

David Duquette: Contact I had with Pinellas Co. athletics, Mrs. Zinn and the fine job she does at NEHI

Tom Fatigati: Leaving

Marion Harrelson: The football games and the Pep Bus to Manatee

George Goodman: The fantastic plays peformed by the NEHI Drama dept. Robert Challener, director

Rusty Hilton: The friends I made and the good times I had with them.

Kenneth Krivoshein: The teachers who made me what I am today.

Diane LaForce: The happiness and joy I've felt at Northeast and the friends I have made.

Edward Lefferts: The living nightmare after school on the NEHI track

George McFarland: The friendly skies, the good times and THC.

John McQuillen: Some things are better left untold

Mike Mears: The swell girls, THC, Earl Wilson's patch of baldness

Chip Middleton: my diploma

Terri Monk: The last night of "Light up the Sky"

Terri Peterson: leaky roofs and flooding; Mr. Werth and his desk throwing

Debbie Pierpont: All the great football and basketball games

Bert Polk: 1 year with Linda

Linda Register: All the wonderful friends I have met who have meant so much to me; Gondoliers and Concert Choir

Steve Rippley: The way Mr. Zachary gave the morning announcements

Bob Roche: Connie

Joe Rugg: The deep dedication of the Student Government Pres. to all the little people who put him there.

Patty Seymour: The great SUPERIOR Viking Band

Lisa Smith: The good times and experiences, cheerleading, football games, and Mr. McCray and Mrs. Hoban

Dave Schrader: the year I played a game

Gail Webb: Inservice days